AMAROK It all Started with a Guard Dog
AMAROK It all Started with a Guard Dog
AMAROK It all Started with a Guard Dog

About Our Electric Security Fencing Solutions & Company

From day one, the staff at our perimeter security and security fence company has been all about protecting the customers we serve. But in 1973, founder Bill Mullis started out with a much simpler security solutionguard dogs. This system worked for over 20 years, until our customers’ needs evolved. So we did, too.

Amarok Warning Electric Fence 7000 Volts

In 1991, Bill realized he needed to expand the business to include a more foolproof method—full-perimeter electric security fencing. Due to its unmatched level of crime prevention, the electric security fences were patented and replaced the dogs, giving customers


After over 40 years, the leadership of our security fence company, Electric Guard Dog, decided it was time for yet another evolution. To give the brand a fiercer and more modern name, Electric Guard Dog was transformed into AMAROK. This new name is a reflection of our commitment to relentlessly protect our customers. And the fact that nothing protects like an electric fence.

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