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AMAROK Additional Security Solutions


The Electric Guard Dog™ solar fence, powered by AMAROK, does more for your peace of mind when combined with our Additional Security Solutions. No matter your location’s unique circumstances, we strengthen security and help prevent crime before it happens.

Consult with us to select the best solution for your unique application.


Consider These Security Solutions:



GATE AUTO-ARMING: Never Forget to Arm The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence. 

Gate Auto-Arming allows arming of your gate without a code and works with roll, swing, or automatic gates. Gate Auto-Arming initiates when the gate closes and the contacts connect. A brief siren and an amber strobe indicate that the countdown to arm is active. When the countdown hits zero, a red strobe validates that The Electric Guard Dog Fence™ is live and armed without entering arming codes.

However, if the gate is opened during countdown, the countdown ends and will restart once the gate is closed again. If the gate is opened after the countdown completes, the system will alarm.

Keep in mind that disarming the gate still requires a code for security purposes.

Download the Gate Auto Arming info sheet.




REMOTE ARMING: Arm or Disarm The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence with Your Mobile Device.

With Remote Arming, manage multiple sites for ultimate perimeter security control at no additional cost. Simply download the Total Connect 2.0 app.

With Remote Arming, you can:

  • Arm your perimeter remotely with the Total Connect 2.0 app
  • Check perimeter status anywhere, anytime
  • Gain instant peace of mind, knowing that you have remote control

Download the Remote Arming info sheet.




SENTINELS: Attention is a Criminal’s Worst Nightmare. So, Bring It!

Sentinels draw extra attention to dark or at-risk areas of your perimeter, sending criminals running. If The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence protecting your perimeter goes into alarm, the Sentinel is triggered to sound its sirens, flood the area with light, and flash powerful LED lights. Just like The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, Sentinels are 100% solar powered, allowing them to be placed in remote parts of your perimeter. Sentinels can be built as standalone units or we have a more economical option that converts the electronic poles of The Electric Guard Dog fence to Sentinels.

Sentinels consist of:

  • Two sirens
  • Four flood lights
  • One red/blue light bar

Place Sentinels at the main gate or in the dark, remote areas of your perimeter, where criminals are most likely to strike.

Download the Sentinels info sheet.




BUILDING INTRUSION DETECTION: Defends the Most Vulnerable Areas of Your Property.

After you have secured your perimeter with The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, you need to protect your on-site structures with Building Intrusion Detection. Deny thieves access to potential weak points such as windows and doors with wireless motion detection, door contacts and glass break protection.

Building Intrusion Detection:

  • Limits building access to authorized personnel only, during or after business hours.
  • Protects any entry point with a motion, glass break or door contact that alarm separately.
  • Adds surveillance cameras for alarm verification and remote video monitoring.
  • Receives notifications via the easy-to-use phone app.
  • Logs entry and exit times of authorized employees who access your business.

Download the Building Intrusion Detection info sheet.




LOT LIGHTING: Expose the Dark to Deter and Detect Nighttime Intrusion and Theft.

Lot Lighting features durable, waterproof, dust-resistant LED lights that illuminate The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence perimeters of all shapes and sizes. Lot Lighting operates on either solar power or on electricity from your facility.

Install all-night lights, or lights that illuminate when alarms activate. AMAROK offers 25-watt and 55-watt LED lights, capable of covering up to 1,200 feet* in distance and 400 feet* in width.

AMAROK also offers two versions of an elliptical LED light that casts light in a wide, rectangular pattern.

Light Your Lot:

  • Outdoor, IP67 Rated
  • Six Angle/Coverage Options
  • Automatic Day/Night Switch
  • Rugged Construction, Vandal-Resistant

*Applies to 55-watt lamp lens range.

Download the Lot Lighting info sheet.