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AMAROK Airport Parking


At airport parking lots, theft usually requires an act of vandalism. Certain car parts have substantial value for thieves, such as: batteries, radios, and wheels - or whatever may have been left sitting out in the front seat.

The Electric Guard Dog™ fence from AMAROK is solar-powered, 10 feet tall and looms inside an existing perimeter fence. When touched, it responds with a medically safe 7,000-volt shock to would-be thieves and vandals.

Would you rather report crimes or prevent them from happening? No thief will risk absorbing 7,000 volts to steal a set of wheels or a stray backpack.  A secure perimeter is the initial step to a secure property. Keep theft and vandalism grounded with The Electric Guard Dog fence from AMAROK.


Secure Your Airport Parking Lot from Theft and Vandalism

    • An Electric Guard Dog fence has no size limit because it is solar-powered.
    • Perimeter Detection and Vegetation Control are ideal additions for airport parking lot properties.
    • Sentinels will direct attention to vulnerable areas of the perimeter that are often targeted by would-be thieves.



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Industries like yours are at great risk for commercial property theft. Read what steps a leading trucking company's head of security took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing facilities, all while saving on contract security with AMAROK.

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