AMAROK Electric Fence Deterrence Makes Sense for Airport Parking
AMAROK Electric Fence Deterrence Makes Sense for Airport Parking
AMAROK Electric Fence Deterrence Makes Sense for Airport Parking

Airport Parking Lot Security



Parking Facilities are the 3rd Most Common Place for Crimes to Happen.

Thefts from motor vehicles account for 26.8% of all larceny thefts

When vacationers and business flyers park in your lot, they expect their vehicles and contents to be there, in original condition, when they return. Incidents of theft or vandalism cost them money and create ill will and liability for you.

AMAROK is the leading provider of solar-powered electric fencing and layered security solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Our perimeter protection systems deter and detect intruders at the fence line, stopping crime before it begins.

Lot Security - You Can’t Afford to Wing it, Here's Why:

    • Airport parking facilities can be massive, with space for thousands of vehicles. If intruders get in, they have lots of places to hide from cameras and security guards, especially at night.

    • The black market for stolen car, truck and SUV parts is lucrative, and airport lots offer thieves a smorgasbord of vehicles to choose from.

    • Vehicle theft is less common than theft of parts or possessions inside the car, but it does happen. Organized crime rings then chop the cars for parts or smuggle them out of the country for sale overseas.

    • In addition to theft, some criminals just enjoy vandalizing vehicles by scratching paint, slashing tires, breaking windows or spray-painting graffiti.

    • Intruders may also injure customers who surprise them at work. Lawyers make a good living off liability cases based on facility management not taking "reasonable care" to protect customers against crime. Even if you win a lawsuit, you lose time and money defending yourself.

Don’t Give Intruders a ‘Boarding Pass’

The best way to prevent theft at your parking facility is to keep thieves outside of the lot. AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions start with 7,000 volts of deterrence, also known as the Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence.

    • Set just inside your own perimeter fencing, the Electric Guard Dog stands at least 10 feet tall. The warning signs alone are enough to scare off most would-be thieves. If they’re foolhardy enough to try to scale or cut it, the Electric Guard Dog delivers a medically safe, but unforgettable jolt every 1.3 seconds and simultaneously triggers a loud alarm and brilliant LED lights.

    • For even greater protection, upgrade to the Electric Guard Dog 30 Series, which has all the features of the original Electric Guard Dog, but twice the number of electric wires.

    • The Electric Guard Dog fence and EGD 30 series are both solar-powered, so there’s no limit to the size of the perimeter they can protect, and they work even during a power blackout.

    • For more layers of perimeter reinforcement, AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE integrates additional LED lights, strategically placed surveillance cameras and 24/7 video monitoring with the Electric Guard Dog fence and alarm.

    • Add AMAROK’s solar-powered mobile video surveillance units to protect blind spots and extra vulnerable areas from a height of 22 feet. These trailer-mounted units can be moved anywhere within your lot, easily integrate into existing security systems and work in tandem with our remote video monitoring service.

    • You can also add extra protection at your gate or in remote areas with sentinels. Offered as stand-alone units or built into the Electric Guard Dog fence, sentinels sound sirens, flood the area with additional powerful LED lights and flash a red and blue light bar if the fence is contacted. Like EGD fences, sentinels are 100% solar powered.

    • To detect intruders at first touch, AMAROK’s zoned perimeter detection system uses motion-sensing cables to detect attempts to climb or cut your own exterior perimeter fencing, before intruders even contact the Electric Guard Dog.

Ground Criminals at the Fence Line

Thieves – even the professionals – are opportunists. They look for soft targets that allow them to enter undetected, grab what they want and take off without getting caught. The more obstacles you put in their way – and the more intimidating those obstacles are – the less likely they are to target your parking facility. That’s why you need AMAROK.

AMAROK will custom- design, install and completely maintain a perimeter security solution for your parking facility. And we’ll do it all for one affordable monthly fee – no construction costs, costly maintenance fees or unexpected repair bills.

Put thieves and vandals on your ‘no fly’ list. Contact AMAROK today.


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“Since our installation…we have had no incidents of any kind…the electric fence commands respect.”
Brenda St. Clair Elting, President —  J.W. Watson Trucking, Inc.

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