AMAROK Layered Security Solutions for Auto Auctions
AMAROK Layered Security Solutions for Auto Auctions
AMAROK Layered Security Solutions for Auto Auctions

Auto Auction Perimeter Protection



More than 9 Million Cars are Auctioned in the U.S. Each Year.  Annual Sales Top $107 Billion.

Auto auction sites house a lot of valuable inventory, not to mention ancillary facilities containing equipment that’s tempting to thieves. Don’t make it easy for them to get your goods.

AMAROK works with trade organizations like the National Auto Auction Association to understand the unique risks and needs of this industry. Our innovative security solutions protect property and assets by stopping criminals before they get in. When our fence goes up, crime stops—period.


How Crime Drives Down Auto Auction Profits:

  • Auction facilities can encompass hundreds of acres, and consigned vehicles may arrive at all hours. Site size and constant activity provide opportunities for criminals to enter and do their dirty work unseen. And not just theft. Auction sites have been subject to vandalism, arson and incidents of bodily injury.

  • In addition to auction lanes, sites typically contain shops for auto reconditioning and repair. Some auctions also provide office space for representatives from transportation, finance, arbitration, inspection, and titling companies. Theft of machinery, specialized tools, auto parts, and office equipment from these facilities can disrupt your operations, drive up insurance premiums, reduce your profits, and hurt your business reputation.

  • Vehicles not scheduled to be sold the day they arrive are held in inventory for sale at a later date—a tempting target for theft. Crime rings may steal entire vehicles or remove valuable parts like catalytic converters, which experienced thieves can remove in less than three minutes.

AMAROK Gives Intruders a Red Light 

  • AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ fence is the first line of defense in keeping your vehicles and property safe from crime. Placed inside your own standard fencing, this 10-foot-high, solar-powered fence delivers a shocking 7,000 volts and sounds an audible alarm upon contact.
  • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, we offer FORTIFEYE, which adds LED lights, security cameras, and 24/7 video monitoring to the Electric Guard Dog fence and alarm. In addition to delivering a shock and sounding an audible alarm, attempts to breach the fence cause high-resolution video cameras mounted at strategic points to pan and zoom in on the suspect. Security professionals monitoring the cameras can instantly verify the attempted break-in and dial 911.

  • Additional security options include mobile video surveillance for short-term or heightened security needs and building intrusion detection to keep your valuable automobiles, assets, and employees safe and secure.

For the Ultimate Perimeter Security Protection...
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AMAROK customizes security solutions for each site, installs and fully maintains them for one affordable monthly fee—and is up to 90 percent less than the cost of traditional security guards. There are no construction costs, costly maintenance fees, or unexpected repair bills.

With layered perimeter protection from AMAROK, you’ll be on the right road to protecting your profits and in the fast lane to peace of mind.



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Auto auction sites are vulnerable due to changes in inventory, lot sizes, hours of activity and types of customers. With so many variables, you need a security solution that can change with you. Start securing your assets today with a FREE Threat Assessment of your property.

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“Why didn’t we do this sooner?…Professional, quick and the problem literally stopped overnight. The Electric Guard Dog was a 100% success.” 
Rob Wassom, Sales Manager — Brasher's Portland Auto Auction

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