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Layered Security Solutions for Auto Auctions

Perimeter Security Solutions for Commercial Properties

With fluctuating inventory comes fluctuation in your security vulnerability. AMAROK is a layered security system provider that specializes in developing strategies with multiple keep your property safe—including all of its assets. We've got you covered.

Your layered security strategy begins with our perimeter solution. The Electric Guard Dog™ Security System is your first line of defense in keeping your property safe from crime and protecting your bottom line. 

  • Our layered security system offers robust, every-day protection for outdoor assets
  • Our Temp Mobile Camera Tower and Big Bark Siren and Warning System enhance security for short-term, heightened security needs
  • Our commercial layered security systems and services include Building Intrusion detection to keep employees and valuables safe 

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Industries like yours are at great risk for commercial property theft. Read the steps that a head of security for a leading trucking company took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing number of lots and save on contract security with AMAROK.

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“I really have to give Guard Dog a ‘thumbs up’…professional, courteous and helpful…a breath of fresh air.”
Derrick Levelston, Branch Manager — Insurance Auto Auctions

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