AMAROK Electrified Fences for Auto Dismantlers
AMAROK Electrified Fences for Auto Dismantlers
AMAROK Electrified Fences for Auto Dismantlers

Auto Dismantling and Recycling Security


Auto Dismantling and Recycling Contributes
$32 Billion to the U.S. Economy Each Year.

Roughly 85% of a Car’s Material can be Sold for Parts or Scrap.

Did you know that more than 750,000 cars are stolen each year? Many end up in “chop shops,” where they become part of the booming black market for parts and scrap. Enterprising criminals also steal directly from auto dismantlers and “pick and pull” yards. Is your business at risk?

Not with AMAROK. Our comprehensive, layered security solutions stop theft before it happens.

Auto Yards: One-Stop Parts Picking for Criminals 
    • From airbags and alternators to windshields and wheels, virtually every part of a vehicle can be refurbished, resold as is, or shredded for scrap. Whether you’re a full-service auto recycler, sell parts over the internet, or operate a pick-and-pull parts yard, your inventory is worth a lot of money.

    • Most auto dismantlers and parts yards are located in commercial areas that are deserted at night. Low traffic gives criminals opportunities to surveil and enter your site undetected.

    • Even if you have a security guard, dim lighting and rows of cars waiting to be picked, dismantled, or crushed make it difficult to spot intruders. If thieves are successful once, they’re likely to come back – and now they know the layout of your facility.

Don't Let Theft Strip the Profit from Your Inventory

Commercial sites are typically enclosed with chain link fence, which is easy to climb or cut. You need a solution that stops intruders at the perimeter.

    • AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ fence is the first line of defense in keeping your salvage yard safe from crime. Placed inside your own standard fencing, this 10-foot-high, solar-powered fence delivers a shocking 7,000 volts and sounds an audible alarm upon contact. 98 percent of our customers report no external theft after installing the Electric Guard Dog fence. And, because it’s solar-powered, your property is protected even if the power goes off.

    • To detect intruders at first touch, add zoned perimeter protection, which uses motion-sensing cables to detect attempts to climb or cut fencing. Perimeter protection can be added to your exterior perimeter fence, as well as enclosed areas within your yard that contain equipment or extra valuable parts.

    • Protect assets kept indoors with AMAROK’s building intrusion solutions, including access control, motion, glass break, and door contact detection, surveillance cameras, and remote video monitoring for alarm verification. Monitor cameras using our app, or let our security professionals handle them for you.

Crush Crime with AMAROK

Most auto dismantlers and recyclers are small businesses. A major theft or string of smaller losses could put your company in jeopardy.

AMAROK provides security as a service, designing, installing, and maintaining cost-effective, customized solutions for one affordable monthly fee. We can have your site protected within a matter of weeks, with no construction costs, additional maintenance fees, or unexpected repair bills.

Nothing Protects your Auto Dismantling Business like AMAROK – Period.




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"For years, W.W. Williams experienced theft on a consistent basis. Since installing [The] Electric Guard Dog fence, we no longer have unwanted intruders entering our property PERIOD."
Ken Cooper, General Manager — W.W. Williams

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