AMAROK Auto Rentals Must Have Effective Perimeter Security
AMAROK Auto Rentals Must Have Effective Perimeter Security
AMAROK Auto Rentals Must Have Effective Perimeter Security

Auto Rental Perimeter Security



Approximately 30,000 rental cars are stolen each year.
The average value of a stolen car is $7,700.

Your rental vehicles are in top condition and ready to go when you lock up at night. Will they all be there when your lot opens the next morning? They will with AMAROK’s layered perimeter security solutions. More than 4,000 commercial and industrial customers, including Fortune 100 companies, trust AMAROK for property security. You can, too.

Grand Theft Auto: It’s Not a Game When it’s Your Business

    • Organized crime rings seek out newer vehicles, making rental car agencies prime targets.

    • When your inventory is stolen or vandalized, you lose more than the value of your assets. You also lose rental income while waiting for new vehicles to arrive. And you may permanently lose market share if customers are forced to turn to your competitors.

    • Criminals are statistically more likely to return to a business they have already successfully burglarized. That means more losses – and higher insurance premiums – for your company.

Solutions That Slam the Brakes on Crime

The best security stops intruders at the perimeter, before they get in and do their dirty work.  AMAROK’s perimeter protection starts with the Electric Guard Dog™ fence.

    • Placed inside your own standard fencing, the Electric Guard Dog stands 10 feet high and pulses a 7,000-volt current every 1.3 seconds. Most would-be intruders turn around when they see the warning signs.
    • Contact with the Electric Guard Dog also triggers brilliant LED lights and sounds an alarm. The combination of shock, lights and alarm scares off all but the most determined criminals.

    • Because they’re solar-powered, the Electric Guard Dog, lights and alarm are always on, even if your local power supply is interrupted. 98% of our customers experience no external crime after installation.

    • For even more protection, AMAROK offers video surveillance and monitoring, building intrusion detection, lot lighting, vegetation control and more. AMAROK professionals will help you choose the solutions that work best for your facility.

Put Your Security on Cruise Control

As a rental car company, you understand the economic advantages of renting. So you’ll appreciate our security-as-a-service business model.

AMAROK custom-designs security solutions for your site, then installs and maintains them for one affordable monthly fee. There are no construction costs, no capital investment and no costly repair bills on your part.

AMAROK solutions can cost up to 90% less than traditional security guards. And our equipment never sleeps or takes a coffee break. It’s there, protecting your property, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




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“We would like to thank The Electric Guard Dog for successfully securing Discount Rental... In the past, we’ve tried guards, cameras, beams and even guard dogs.”
Alan Galy, Orlando General Manager — Discount Rentals

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