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Becoming AMAROK

The Ultimate Name for the Ultimate Perimeter Security.

Electric Guard Dog Is Now AMAROK™.


For years, customers have trusted us as Electric Guard Dog to keep their businesses protected and free from crime. And at that time, we’ve prided ourselves on our customer service, with an emphasis on listening and responding to their needs.

In listening to our customers, we discovered that many found the name Electric Guard Dog to be confusing. So, after extensive research, we decided to change our name to better reflect the dedication, aggressiveness and hard work we put into protecting our customers every single day.

Thus, AMAROK was born. Our mainstay electric fence was also named The Electric Guard Dog as a nod to our heritage. Our full-perimeter alarmed electric fence, paired with our additional security options, they form the Ultimate Perimeter Security.

For questions, see our FAQs or email support@AMAROK.com.




Why did you change your name?
We heard from our customers that, initially, our name was confusing. We did an extensive amount of research with customers, employees, and others in our industry, and we determined it was time to change our name. This change will better position us during our interactions with government officials at state and local levels.
Are you moving away from the electric fence?
No, the electric fence remains our core product. We know nothing protects like an electric fence. In fact, we’ve named our electric fence The Electric Guard Dog® to pay tribute to our history. Paired with our complementary products, The Electric Guard Dog powered by AMAROK™ delivers the Ultimate Perimeter Security.
Have you been acquired?
No, we have not been acquired. We still have the same leadership team, owners and great employees that are relentlessly dedicated to protecting our customers and their property from crime.
Our goal with this change is for our new name and branding to reflect the aggressiveness and dedication we put into protecting you and all our customers every single day. An Amarok is a legendary wolf from mythology that stalks and devours nighttime intruders. We believe this is an evolution and represents who we are as a company.
How do I contact support?
You can still contact support by calling 1-800-432-6391 or emailing support@amarok.com.
How do I contact other AMAROK employees?
To ensure this change does not impact you or your team, we have all Electric Guard Dog emails forwarded to the appropriate AMAROK email addresses.
How will this impact making my payments?
Do I mail my payment to a different address?
Our remittance address remains the same:  AMAROK, LLC, PO Box 60089, Charlotte, NC  28260.

If I have already sent a check payment payable to Electric Guard Dog, will it still process properly?
Yes.  We advise you to update our name in your system, but if a payment has already been issued, it will process as normal.

Did your federal ID number change? 
No, it remains the same.  If needed, request a 2020 W9 by emailing accounting@amarok.com.