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3 Risk Factors of Commercial Burglary & How to Prevent Crime at your Business

Man entering building Intrusion

Owning a business or managing a site is demanding enough without worrying about insufficient site security and commercial burglary. Mitigating the risk of commercial robbery is so stressful that many companies simply hope that it won’t ever happen instead of acting before it does.

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5 Best Places to Install Perimeter Security Cameras on Your Commercial Property


A commercial burglary can be devastating for a business. The good news is that prevention is easier than ever. Security does not have to be complicated and an effective perimeter security system is an easy way to protect a commercial warehouse, office, or facility. Security cameras are beneficial way to spot potential criminals lurking for a commercial robbery and to keep employees accountable. To help you prevent commercial robberies on your property, we have compiled a list of the 5 best locations to install security cameras on your property.

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2 Types of Cargo Theft & How to Protect Your Business


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Lock it Up for Labor Day - Commercial Crime Preventing Tips

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 8/27/20 10:54 AM


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AMAROK® Launches FORTIFEYE™, the World’s First Integrated Electric Fence, Video, and Monitoring System

Posted by AMAROK on 8/25/20 9:30 AM

Fortifeye_WebBanner_1920x590_LogoContinuing the legacy of innovation and listening to customer feedback, the ultimate perimeter security company, AMAROK, has developed FORTIFEYE, a first-to-market security solution with a multilayered defense system for businesses engineered to deter theft, detect activity, and detain criminals.

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5 Reasons a Guard Isn’t Enough to Protect Your RV Dealership

RV Camper Dealership Shutterstock 1489804583Is your RV dealership struggling with robberies and vandalism? Are you considering security guards to protect your dealership against these issues? Many businesses assume that live security personnel offer the best protection for their commercial properties. Many continue to rely on them to prevent break-ins, burglaries and vandalism. While having security personnel on your site may make you, employees, and customers feel better, here’s the simple truth:

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