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    | 2 min read

    25 Years of SDM Excellence

    By Jack DeMao

    Last week I was at the 10th annual SDM 100 Gala because Electric Guard Dog was being honored as one of the top 100 private security companies in the U.S. But in a rare and fantastic moment, I joined with other honorees to honor our very special hosts: the editors and publishers of SDM Magazine, as they’re celebrating 25 years compiling and releasing the most reputable and recognized rankings of the top private security companies in the U.S., the SDM 100.

    The SDM 100 is a listing of the top 100 Private Security Companies in the U.S. ranking them by Recurring Monthly Revenue. The magazine describes their criteria as:

    “The SDM 100 Report ranks U.S. companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems — such as intrusion and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related low-voltage systems — to residential and non-residential customers.” -SDM

    SDM Magazine also took time to honor 8 companies that have been in the SDM 100 Report since its inception. We at Electric Guard Dog only entered the competitive fray for the rankings five years ago, and we’re proud to say we’ve been in the top 30 for all of these years. In fact, in 2015, we moved up the list to a 26th place rank of all security companies for total RMR. We’re also one of the top 10 exclusively commercial security companies on the list.

    The gala was a great night of commendation all around. It was a welcome opportunity for everyone in the security industry to celebrate the work of the SDM editors Laura Stepanek, Karyn Hodgson and publisher Chris Ward. Their work is always impeccable, and their effort to develop and evolve the SDM 100 into a reputable ranking that bolsters the profile of the entire security industry is, and always has been, laudable.

    But there’s another reason the event was so potent. Since the list began, the RMR represented by the group has grown 7 times to almost $14 Billion. In 2014, the SDM 100 Report represented more than 50% of the total industry’s RMR. In a world of increasing security challenges, it’s good to know we in the security industry have the will, the resources, and the support of the press, to meet those challenges.

    And before you ask: this year's theme was "A Day at the Races" which accounts for my unusual hat.



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