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3 Site Security Risks & How To Mitigate Them

Is My Site At Risk?

Whether you own a business, manage its sites, or handle its finances, just getting your job done right can be difficult and time-consuming enough. On top of this, though, is the concern that site security is insufficient. Considering what could happen if crooks gained undisturbed access to your site is so stressful that many companies simply opt to hope that it won’t ever happen. Sadly, it does happen, and it can seriously damage unprepared companies. To help you determine whether your company sites are in danger of falling prey to property crime and theft, we will walk through the many risk factors.

Location, Location, Location


A major feature that determines the level of vulnerability of your job site is, unsurprisingly, its location. If your business is located in an area that faces a lot of crime, you are at a greater risk for bad guys trying to steal from you, vandalize your property, or otherwise harm you. Even if your site is located in an area that doesn’t experience a great deal of crime, you still have to be concerned if other variables are in play. For instance, many businesses are in areas that become quite deserted on nights and weekends. If criminals feel that there is a minimal chance of them being noticed by law enforcement, employees, or other witnesses, they are far more likely to attempt targeting your site.

The data shows that the majority of cargo theft takes place on the weekends, so your business needs to ensure that security doesn’t take a nosedive when your workers clear out on Friday evening. You don’t want to give crooks more than two full days each week to acquaint themselves with your site.



Another set of risk factors for your company sites is the type of industry you’re in and what types of equipment you have on your site. It’s easy to grasp that criminals tend to be interested in the biggest payoff for the least amount of effort. So if your company is in an industry that involves heavy, expensive equipment, you’ll typically face a higher threat of theft (or at least costly theft).

We guard the properties of thousands of companies across a wide range of industries, including trucking transportation, distribution, construction, auto auction or auto dismantling, truck sales and service, logistics, recycling, and equipment rental. Similarly, if this heavy equipment other valuable materials are stored outdoors, criminals may feel that it will be relatively easy to steal them. These are very good reasons to consider implementing some serious security measures. If you’re in the warehousing, trucking transportation, or distribution industry, criminals are aware that you have expensive products being trafficked regularly in and out of your location. This is an incentive to try to gain access to your site and steal your products.

Prior Security Concerns

A final set of risk factors for your job sites relates to your past experience with security. As unfortunate as it is, if you’ve been targeted by criminals before, it’s highly likely that you’ll be hit again. Crooks want as easy a job as possible, so they generally don’t go out of their way to target highly secured sites. However, if your site has lax security, property criminals will smell blood in the water and hit you repeatedly until you bolster your security. The data bears this claim out: 71% of commercial property criminals/vandals will target businesses they’ve hit before. This gives even more urgency to what we tell our potential customers. If you’ve been targeted, you need to fix the problem now before it gets worse and you lose more money.

So many of our customers only get to us after being hit hard by property crime. We only wish they knew about Electric Guard Dog before dealing with those hardships. A great many of these customers didn’t realize their security was weak until it was too late. We’re often asked questions like, “We’ve got security cameras and a guard. Isn’t that enough?” Sadly, these measures aren’t enough. In all our experience in the commercial security industry, we’ve learned that the key to protecting your business is integrated layered security.

We don’t have any particular problems with surveillance cameras, for example. In fact, we offer camera packages to go with our system. But we’ve seen so many companies get rocked by property crime because they thought just having security cameras on their property was enough to deter bad guys. As they painfully found out later on, cameras only help you after the criminals have gotten away. Naturally, the ideal security plan doesn’t allow bad guys to access your property, much less pilfer your most valuable property. If you’ve had issues with security guards, surveillance cameras, or other measures in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Similarly, if it’s relatively easy for an unauthorized individual to gain access to your site, you’re settling for a great deal of unnecessary risk.

How to Mitigate These Security Risks

egd-fence-blogNow that you’ve had the chance to comprehensively analyze whether your company is at risk for theft and property crime, let’s get to the more pleasant part: explaining how you can defend your business from these risks.  To start with, request a free risk assessment from our expert team. It’s definitely useful to consider the points made in this blog post, but one of our security professionals will be able to give you a personalized, detailed assessment based on all the information you’re able to provide about your site. After this, if you require the services of Electric Guard Dog, we can move forward in setting you up with security that never sleeps.

Our unique, integrated layered security system is equipped to defend against all varieties of thieves and property criminals. The power comes from our system’s three layer of deterrents. With the physical deterrent of our imposing fence, the shock deterrent that jolts bad guys who try to climb or cut the fence, and the alarm deterrent that sounds when crooks interfere with the fence, most criminals aren’t even interested in testing the Electric Guard Dog. Those who test their luck won’t want to try again another time. All this helps to explain why 98% of our customers completely eliminate theft after installing our system.

Interested in a comprehensive security solution that stops property crime and theft before your business can be harmed? Our security experts would like to offer you a free personalized risk assessment.

Have questions? Reach out to us and learn why Electric Guard Dog has a 99% customer satisfaction rating.


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