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    | 2 min read

    Electric Guard Dog Rises on SDM 100 List of Security Companies

    May 13, 2015 Columbia, SC – Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service, announced today that the company has risen to 26th on the SDM 100 List of the top electronic security companies in the U.S. The trade journal’s annual list is considered to be the premiere authority in ranking security providers in the country.

    As the national market leader in electric security fencing for commercial businesses, Electric Guard Dog has ranked in the top 30 of the SDM 100 since their debut in 2010.

    The company recently announced impressive statistics that include a 15% growth over the past 3 years and a compounded growth rate (CAGR) of 14% since 2001. Their climb up the SDM 100 List in 2015 was spurred by tremendous growth in three vertical markets:

    • 59% growth in Truck Sales, Leasing, and Service
    • 26% growth in Equipment Rental
    • 19% growth in Trucking

    The enormous increase in EGD’s Truck Sales, Leasing, and Service customer base has been a direct result of the increasing value of the components of the vehicles themselves: as they’ve increased in cost, they’ve progressively become a higher value target for theft. Equipment Rental, the leading growth vertical the previous year, continued to make a strong showing. Trucking growth was predominantly LTL carriers, but increasingly FTL carriers as well.

    CEO Jack DeMao commented, “EGD is recognized as the #1 Theft Deterrent Service because of our unparalleled performance metrics in stopping theft before it happens. Detection security services such as cameras and alarms are inherently unreliable. Even if they worked as hoped, law enforcement will rightfully continue to prioritize life safety issues over property crime, potentially delaying response times on theft issues. Customers in all our vertical markets know this and as a result, they are opting for deterrence solutions over detection.”   

    DeMao also noted the expansion of the outside sales staff as a reason for rapid growth. “The longer our sales executives are in the field, the more people they are able to reach. The expanded lists of contacts continues to drive growth rates even further.”

    About the SDM 100

    Published since 1991, The SDM 100 Report, sponsored by SDM Magazine, ranks U.S. companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems to residential and non-residential customers. The primary objective of the report is to measure consumer dollars gained, in order to present an account of the size of the market served by the 100 largest security providers.

    About Electric Guard Dog

    Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service in the U.S., is the market leader in electric security fences and perimeter security in the country. A Security Partner for 3,000+ commercial and industrial locations across the U.S., they protect businesses from cargo theft and copper theft, provide a safer work environment for employees, while reducing total security costs.

    For more information contact publicist Kathleen Hannon (704) 425-8106 or via email at press@electricguarddog.com.

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