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Weed out crime with AMAROK's vegetation control services

Posted by AMAROK on 4/6/21 9:00 AM

Vegetation Control Services


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Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

Posted by AMAROK on 3/18/21 10:27 AM

Cat Converter Theft 2


If you own a cargo or trucking yard, auto salvage lot, metal recycling facility, or have left your personal vehicle unattended at night, you are likely already aware of the spike in catalytic converter theft worldwide in 2020.

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Pushing Your Luck with Property Crime

Posted by AMAROK on 3/2/21 12:32 PM

Pushing Your Luck with Property Crime

Ever wonder why there aren’t more holidays in March? We have the official start of spring (March 20) and the Ides of March (March 15)—which isn’t so much a holiday as it is a stark reminder that Julius Caesar probably should have picked his friends better.

It’s the holiday in between that Americans really look forward to: St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). While it began as a religious celebration in the 17th century to commemorate the life of Saint Patrick and his role in bringing Christianity into Ireland, it’s evolved into a celebration of green beer, leprechauns and the luck of the Irish.


NOT an actual photo of St. Patrick!

Speaking of luck, our blog topic this week highlights the roles that good luck and bad luck play in commercial-property burglaries. So, in honor of the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was held in Boston in 1737, our first crime story is set in the same city, featuring a bad guy with the most iconic of Irish last names: Murphy.

The Great Super Bowl Ring Heist

In February 2008, Sean Murphy, a die-hard New England Patriots football fan and self-proclaimed master thief, watched in disbelief as the New York Giants upset his beloved Pats in Super Bowl XLII. (That means ‘42’—we’re not good at Roman numerals, either.)

As luck would have it, Murphy later discovered the name and address of the company contracted to produce the fancy rings awarded to the champions of each Super Bowl. Ironically, the company creating the rings for the New York Giants that year was located about an hour south of Boston. (Irony and Luck are frequent companions, it would seem.)

Murphy recruited two other men to assault E.A. Dion’s 30,000-square-foot, single-story warehouse, where they disabled the alarm system and cut a hole in the roof to gain entry. They got away with it, too, stealing more than $2 million in jewelry, gold and diamonds, including over two dozen New York Giants Super Bowl rings.

Source John Deere Co

We’re not judging, but they probably didn’t need much luck to break into this building.

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Showing the 'Love' to our Favorite Bad Guys

Posted by AMAROK on 2/4/21 8:38 AM

Valentine Blog Post LinkedIn

Valentine’s Day is upon us! And at AMAROK, we believe that nothing says, “I love you” like a 7000-volt perimeter security fence around your work property. Speaking of love, while we don’t like property crime, we absolutely love property-crime stories, especially the ones that didn’t execute exactly according to plan.

So, in honor of St. Valentine—who was a victim of property theft, himself, when Roman Emperor Claudius II ripped off his head—we proudly present two of our favorite funny property-crime stories.

#1. “We’re robbing WHAT?”

Many criminals focus on specific types of property to steal. Some prefer automobile parts. Others favor raw materials, like steel or copper. And then there’s that special group that goes after the more bizarre targets —like the men who raided an adult-novelty warehouse in Las Vegas.


During their first heist, the criminals broke into the warehouse and successfully stole 30,000 condoms. Over-joyed by their success (or perhaps upset that they’d forgotten to steal anything more valuable than latex rubber), they returned the very next evening.

This time, they rammed their vehicle through the warehouse’s delivery door and then shattered the rear window of their own car because it was the only way to load the merchandise. The thieves made off with a surplus of adult novelty products worth $15,000—minus the cost of repairing the getaway car.

Here’s the punchline: the company had already scheduled a PR event the following week to give away thousands of condoms for free to the public.

“They could have just waited and asked for them like everyone else, instead of ruining the paintwork on a perfectly good SUV," said one commenter.

“Just grabbing a few items for me and the missus.”    (Photo Source - CNBC)   

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AMAROK® Launches FORTIFEYE™, the World’s First Integrated Electric Fence, Video, and Monitoring System

Posted by AMAROK on 8/25/20 9:30 AM

Fortifeye_WebBanner_1920x590_LogoContinuing the legacy of innovation and listening to customer feedback, the ultimate perimeter security company, AMAROK, has developed FORTIFEYE, a first-to-market security solution with a multilayered defense system for businesses engineered to deter theft, detect activity, and detain criminals.

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AMAROK and ASYLON Partner to Provide a Smart and Powerful Perimeter Security Solution | AMAROK

Posted by AMAROK on 4/30/20 11:25 AM

AMAROK is the industry leader in full-perimeter solar-powered electric fences and surveillance security solutions.  ASYLON is an American-Made security drone company, that designs, engineers and manufactures the DroneCore™ System. Using advanced robotics and AI systems, the DroneCore™ System provides unprecedented value to integrators and security operations personnel by enabling remote autonomous eyes in the sky at the click of a button.

Alyson Image

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