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    Automotive Recyclers of Indiana (ARI) Summit and Training

    ARI (formerly part of ATRI Association) recently hosted their second annual show for their members. The association is designed to support and protect the rights of auto dismantlers in Indiana, as well as resolve issues regarding new compliance regulations and evolving car technology.

    Auto Recyclers of Indiana Logo

    Software Concerns

    Software was the primary topic of discussion at this year’s convention. Some auto manufacturers have recently been slow to hand over the software necessary to reprogram a used part, in the hope customers will buy new. ARI will be working on behalf of the automotive recycling industry to help resolve the conflict.

    Automotive Recyclers of Indiana (ARI) Summit and Training
    ARI President Mike Hierholzer with Electric Guard Dog's Alex Bethke

    New Resolutions, New Challenges

    ARI members’ commitment to sound recycling policies is multi-faceted. A sampling of the issues they discussed this year includes:

    Recalled Parts

    Having had little access to information regarding recalled parts in the past, the trade organization announced they are now working with the transportation industry to obtain VIN numbers on all parts that have been recalled.

    Environmental Safety at the Yard

    Auto dismantlers are committed to making their operations environmentally safe. But given the materials and heavy equipment necessary to dismantle a car, it is an expensive and difficult task.

    Picking up Cars From Aftermarket Auctions

    Some auction companies have accelerated their schedule on purchase pick-ups to two days, which is adding significantly to transport costs. ARI will be keeping a protective eye on this issue in the coming year.

    Keeping fastidious track of the challenges auto dismantlers face and helping to move those issues forward on their behalf, it’s no wonder there were more than 30 exhibitors present, despite this being the first post-inaugural event when there’s usually a dip in attendance. We certainly had our fun there: our new shock pens were a huge hit, while customers that suffer from metal theft were able to learn about the #1 Theft Deterrent Service ™ first hand.

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