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    | 2 min read

    Bigger in Texas: Used Truck Association Show | AMAROK

    The Used Truck Association expected big things in Dallas and the UTA 16th Annual Convention delivered. With a record number of 807 attendees and 90 exhibitors, it was the event’s biggest vendor participation and biggest attendance to date.

    2015-UTA_Convention-logoFor used truck professionals,the Used Truck Association convention is the largest professional event of the year, providing unmatched opportunities for networking, enrichment and even a little fun, which for this show included a tour of the Peterbilt factory, line dancing and rodeo training.

    “It was the best place in the used truck industry to see the latest in technology and offerings,” Hal Dickson, convention co-chairman, commented on the event’s success in the Used Truck Association newsletter.

    Our own Shara Turley climbed aboard a Peterbilt.

    A few predictions for the industry's economy were:

    • Driver market staying tough until the end of the cycle
    • The railroad glory days slowing
    • Cheaper diesel will increase truckload demands
    • Consolidation in transportation will continue
    • The next wave of economic growth must be consumer-driven
    • The risk of recession growing daily

    The forecast of the Used Truck Association show was not particularly sunny; however, for the used truck industry there may be a silver lining: tough economic times typically create more need in the used truck business, as buyers tend to purchase used trucks rather than new ones.

    Electric Guard Dog and Idealease at UTA Show
    Our own Brenda Cunningham with
    Troy Manley of Idealease.

    As the theme suggested, the Used Truck Association show was full of opportunities and relationships. We mingled in the good company of new and familiar faces in the industry, heard stories about the Wild West and accounts of rising theft in some rather unexpected places from business owners interested in protecting their yards with Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent ServiceTM.

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