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    BREAKING: Cargo Security Fictitious Pickup Alert


    The Southwest Transportation Security Council is warning supply chain companies that the identity of Lucky Polar Bear, Inc (MC-627195) has been compromised and the method in which their identity was compromised as well as the geographical area and commodity targeted leads CargoNet to believe the subjects behind the identity theft intended to steal the freight. On 1/28/16, an unknown subject going by "Harry G" who claimed to be a dispatcher for Lucky Polar Bear, Inc (MC-627195) called a broker from phone number 916-291-7894. The subject was interested in hauling a load of almond butter from a shipper in Madera, CA to its destination in Florida. The broker checked SAFER, confirmed the phone number matched the carrier's SAFER profile, and tendered the freight. Before the cargo could be picked up, the legitimate carrier was notified by their insurance agent that the broker had called to request a copy of their insurance. The carrier denied knowledge of the broker or load and emailed the broker to figure out why they were requesting a copy of their certificate. The broker and carrier were able to determine the carrier's SAFER profile was compromised and the phone number on the profile changed to a number the legitimate carrier does not own. The load was canceled before it could be picked up.


    Those tendering desirable freight like tree nuts, high-value electronics, and tires in California and neighboring states should be on the lookout for this phone number and carrier identity. Once the load is tendered, it is often re-brokered to another unsuspecting carrier and that carrier is paid to bring the product to the Los Angeles County area. Thus, the truck picking up the product might not have Lucky Polar Bear, Inc identifiers. To ensure cargo security, shippers should confirm the pickup driver intends to take the freight to the receiving address on the Bill of Lading (BOL).


    Please note the contact information for the fictitious dispatcher, Harry G below. According to SAFER and the carrier's owner, Teresa Liang, the carrier's legitimate contact number is 626-288-3280. It appears the information was changed by unknown subjects on 1/26/16.


    Suspect Information 
    Alias: "Harry G" 
    Phone Number: 916-291-7894 
    Fax Number: 916-291-7874 
    Email Address: luckypolartrucking@gmail.com

    Those with information are asked to contact the CargoNet Command Center at 1-888-595-2638.

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