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    On January 19, 2016, multiple Texas police agencies, in concert with the Texas Department of Public Safety, executed multiple search and arrest warrants for the criminals responsible for reselling property stolen from Nationwide Less‐than‐Truckload Carriers (LTLs) in Texas and the southeastern U.S.

    egd_bolo.jpgPreviously unpublished in the papers, multiple LTLs have been victimized by a gang of thieves that is targeting LTL terminals in smaller cities in Texas and the southeastern U.S. There have been multiple thefts reported over the past year.

    It is vital for affected LTLs to note:

    • The thieves perpetrating these crimes are STILL at large.
    • ONLY the “fences” — criminals reselling the stolen goods — have been arrested.
    • The thieves struck AGAIN this weekend: two additional LTLs.

    Hats off to our "Boys in Blue" for the arrests and recovered goods to date! But investigators wish to remind everyone this is an on-going investigation with the ultimate goal of identifying “the criminal actors and shut down these illegal property fencing operations.”                                 

    With the investigation heating up comes the threat of escalation. Electric Guard Dog advises:

    • EGD Customers: you’re already ahead of the game. We do suggest that you verify your call lists are up-to-date and that all sites are arming every night. Contact Customer Service if you’d like a quick security checkup.
    • For Non-Electric Guard Dog LTLs in Texas and Southeastern U.S.: We HIGHLY recommend you CONTACT US TODAY to get the #1 Theft Deterrent Service™ on duty at all sites in the affected area.

    Want more information on these crimes? STAY TUNED! Our blog series Filching Freight begins here tomorrow, as we sit down with renowned cargo theft expert J.J. Coughlin, VP at LoJack SCI, chairman of the Southwest Transportation Security Council and author of “Cargo Crime” to discuss the thefts in depth and what you can do to protect your yard.

    Stop Crime Before It Happens!

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