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    | 1 min read

    Formula for Success: ChemEdge 2016

    If you are a chemical distributor, manufacturer, warehouse or operations professional looking to connect with industry peers and learn the latest legislative and regulatory issues affecting your business — then ChemEdge 2016, in The Woodlands, TX, is where you wanted to be this summer.

    ChemEdge is an annual conference and trade show hosted by the National Association of Chemical Distributers (NACD), which this year celebrates 25 years of improving safety and performance through Responsible Distribution. Electric Guard Dog participated along with more than 60 exhibitors at ChemEdge. 


    Our own Shara Turley caught up with NACD Chairman Mathew Brainerd of Brainerd Chemical Company at the show.

    With key topics on OSHA, CFATS, compliance, trucking and transportation, ChemEdge is specifically tailored to address the needs of the chemical distribution industry.

    Electric Guard Dog, #1 Theft Deterrent ServiceTM, is proud to support NACD, and serve as a security partner for their members across the nation.

    If you're enduring chronic theft problems at your business, Contact Electric Guard Dog today for a free site security evaluation.

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