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    | 1 min read

    Georgia on Our Minds: GMTA Fleet Expo

    As we wrap up 2015 and head into the holidays, the busiest time of the year for our friends and customers in the trucking industry, we share a few highlights from the Georgia Motor Trucking Association's annual fleet expo.


    The Georgia Fleet Expo & GMTA

    The Georgia Fleet Expo is defined as “the premier event for fleet operations professionals to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovations and trends affecting their industry.”

    The Georgia Motor Trucking Association has served as the voice of the trucking industry in Georgia for more than 80 years. It is the only organization in the state that provides full-time service and representation for the industry. GMTA represents more than 400 for-hire carriers, 400 private carriers and 300 associate members. Learn more about the benefits of GMTA membership.

    Here is food for thought on the impact and importance of this vital industry, which GMTA highlighted in social media campaigns throughout the year:

    • Trucking employs 7 million professionals. (That's three times the population of Los Angeles.)
    • 3.2 million Americans are proud professional truck drivers.
    • Last year, trucks traveled 421.3 billion miles. (Enough to travel the Earth to Saturn 564 times.)
    • Follow GMTA to learn more.

    2015 Taste of Trucking-GMTA Members

    The appetite for trucking industry trends took a turn for barbecue during the expo's Taste of Trucking event, as attendees enjoyed a sampling of outdoor food specialties prepared by GMTA members.

    Effective Physical Security is #1 on the List

    Electric Guard Dog’s multilayered electric security fence system was well-received by those we talked to, from business owners specializing in truck sales and service to tires and new tracking technologies. The recent activity in stolen cars weighed heavily on the mind of one particular business owner who transports and stores exotic cars. She expressed deep concern over protecting her business from the devastating impact of cargo theft. Others in the detail business shared their frustrations of repeat losses suffered from major theft problems in their yards, despite their current security measures. The need for peace of mind and effective physical security provided by the #1 Theft Deterrent ServiceTM was #1 on their lists for 2016. 


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