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Is Layered Security Right for You?

All security professionals have (or should have) a security system in place. So you may be wondering, “Why would I need to worry about adding another component to my security solution?”


Why What You’re Doing Today May Not Be Enough

Barbed Wire: May provide a perception of security; however, customers have indicated that it does not act as an effective deterrent against theft. Barbed wire is attached to your chain link fence, so a thief planning to rob your facility will almost certainly have wire cutters, which work just as well on the barbed wire as they do on the chain link. Additionally, barbed wire lacks certain security capabilities such as a detection alarm or 24-hour monitoring.

Security Guards: Can be an effective route in deterring theft, but there are problems with this approach. With a security guard or two on staff, they can only be present and have their eyes on so much of your location. You are at risk of theft occurring in a section of your location that is not being watched at that moment. Guards are also human: a number of customers have cited the guards were distracted, or even asleep when a theft occurred. 

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): Allows you to have the “eye in the sky” and monitor your entire location at one time; something that your team of security guards cannot realistically achieve. However, is the response time fast enough from monitoring to prevent a theft? Police must be called and arrive at the scene and their resources are limited. Moreover, they are mandated to prioritize life safety issues over property theft. So on a Friday or Saturday night, police may be delayed in responding. The major flaw with CCTV is this lag time from alert to response.

Why Layered Security Helps Fill the Gaps

The reality is that many security solutions leave the putt short of the hole in terms of continuous monitoring capability or acting as a deterrent. Integrating an electric fence into your security environment can help fill the gaps and mitigate the risks you are currently exposed to. Not only do electric fences provide continuous 24/7 monitoring; they also act as a deterrent to prevent theft before it even occurs.

If you have questions about integrating an electric fence into your security environment, click below to speak with one of our security professionals.

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