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    | 3 min read

    Keep On Truckin’: American Trucking Association (ATA) Conference

    This year’s American Trucking Associations conference in Little Rock, Arkansas was one of the largest conferences ever held by ATA, with a sold out exhibit hall of 55 companies and more than 350 people in attendance.

    Electric Guad Dog Team & ATA Members

    ATA is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry that America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. This conference focused on the dynamic aspects of Safety, Security and Human Resources. There was a large focus on continuing education, exchanging best practices and networking opportunities. 

     A range of speeches focused on theft:

    • Types of loads that are considered high-risk (food/drinks, pharmaceuticals, electronics)
    • Locations that thieves like to use to steal freight (truck stops)
    • New ways that thieves distribute stolen goods (online — eBay, craigslist, etc).

    Our own Jack DeMao provided a well-attended talk entitled “Reducing Loss with Effective Physical Security,” with some of our biggest customers — Old Dominion, Southeastern and ABF Freight — in the audience. Following Homeland Security’s C-TPAT recommendations for multilayers of security, Jack focused on finding the most effective layers of security for specific sites. 

    Which Carriers Have the Best Security/Loss Prevention Programs?

    It’s not a conference without awards, and for security, the ATA has three: the Excellence in Security Award and Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention for both LTL and truckload carriers.

    One notable aspect of this year’s winners is that two out of three utilize the #1 Theft Deterrent Service™ as an integral part of their security.

    Our longtime customers and friends at ABF Freight won tChad Cullen-ABF Freight with Mary Faye-EGDhe Excellence in Security Award by setting the standard for all others in the field of trucking security, demonstrating their ability to protect employees, property, trucks and cargo. 

    Meanwhile the LTL Recipient of the ATA Transportation Security Council’s Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award was another longtime customer and friend, Old Dominion Freight Line. ODFL was recognized as an LTL motor carrier that sets the bar for:

    • Claims management, loss prevention and damage control
    • Art of negotiation, inspection and investigation
    • Perfected claims filing and processing
    • Eliminated, minimzed and recovered loss above and beyond all others

    Roehl Transport rounded out the list of winners as the truckload recipient for Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award. Many well-deserved congratulations to all; we are flattered to be a part of so many of your award-winning, multilayered security directives. Security Expert J.J. Coughlin with Shara Turley-EGD


    Over and over at the ATA we heard the stories: thefts from facilities and on the road. Trucking and logistics companies continue to suffer relentlessly from crime, and the prevention challenges are many: the thieves have an automatic advantage in knowing they are going to strike; they amplify that advantage by investing in the latest technology, and even if the perpetrators are caught, the sentences they receive are often meager.

    In the face of that, it’s no wonder the ATA honors the trucking industry for security and loss prevention excellence. The companies that invest in multilayered physical security and loss prevention are not only saving themselves from crime, but are arguably protecting the viability of the industry as a whole.


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