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    EGD Outdoor Camera Package Unveiled at LKQ Vendor Fair 2015

    LKQ Corporation, worldwide distributor of vehicle products, including replacement parts, components and systems used in the repair and maintenance of vehicles, hosted their annual managers meeting and vendor fair In Nashville, TN last week. As a proud perimeter security partner for 83 LKQ locations nationwide, Electric Guard Dog was on hand for the show.

    DrivetheLKQlogoWhat is the LKQ Vendor Fair?

    The annual meeting and vendor fair is an opportunity for LKQ representatives from locations across the country to share information as well as meet with companies affliated with the auto salvage and auto parts industries. Suppliers demonstrate new products, services, and technologies and liaise with representatives to discover new issues/needs that location and distrct managers are facing.


    EGD Highlights

    This is a special show for Electric Guard Dog, we've been a perimeter security partner with LKQ since 1993, and as such we're a bronze sponsor of the show.  Hundreds of representatives, many of whom are happy current EGD customers, came by our booth.  All were eager to find out more about:

    The New EGD Megapixel Camera Solution

    The buzz was ON as we unveiled our brand new, cost-effective IP-based Megapixel Four Outdoor Camera Package! An amazing add-on to the Electric Guard Dog multi-layered, solar-powered solution to theft, the Camera Package includes 1080p IR-illuminated, IP66-rated cameras, and an embedded NVR with a user-friendly interface. The standard system includes:

    • 4 IP bullet camerasCamerapackage
    • 3 Medium Range Cameras
    • 2 TB embedded NVR,
    • 1 Long Range Camera.

    Perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses, the system offers:

    • Improved situational awareness with on site and remote real-time video.
    • Remote viewing via iphone, Android or Remote Personal Computer.
    • Alert/Incident notification via email on motion sensing,analytics.
    • Improved video quality over legacy analog systems & allows High Definition 1080P resolution.
    • Encrypted Video
    EGD representatives explained the primary use of the camera package is alarm verification — the Electric Guard Dog electric fence system is still the #1 Theft Deterrence System in the U.S.

    Camera Package Winners

    There were FOUR drawings to be the first in the country to receive the bundled camera package crowdforthedrawingabsolutely free for three years. The offering drew hot and heavy competition from LKQ district and regional managers. Four lucky winners walked away with the prize of enhanced security for one of the yards in their territories: Scott Duncum, Scott Fitzgibbons, Chad Damron and Mike Kislack. 

    iPad Drawing Winners

    An essential tool for remote access to security the days, we always have drawings for iPads. And because we are so tied to LKQ, we went big before we went home: no less DanHahethan 10 people were the lucky winners of iPads! The list includes: Jason Arenovski, Dan Hahe, Jennifer Cottrell, Neville Martin, Harry Martin, Xumar Torres, Marcio Rico, Brandon McCarthy, Ryan Crawford and Jeff Goodman. Congrats to all our winners.  We look forward to another great year as your security partner.


    LKQ managers continue to cite the need for a deterrent system like EGD.  With a vast inventory in their yards, they are a constant target for theft, and property crimes necessarily are a second priority for our overstretched law enforcement organizations. Many managers reference the frustration of trying to prosecute red-handed thieves only to see them get a slap on the wrist and get released back into the public.  The alarm verification that the EGD camera package offers helps ensure that even in extreme situations — such as someone crashing a truck through the fence — the incident is caught on camera.

    See more photos of the LKQ Vendor Fair: visit Electric Guard Dog on Facebook

    To stop theft in your yard or learn more about the new cost-effective bundled camera package, contact an EGD Rep!

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