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Make Ready for Hurricanes Before They Make Landfall!

If you have a business in an Atlantic Coastal state, the news of an approaching hurricane is something you're likely familiar with. Many businesses have some sort of plan in place to help them prepare. If you don't, now is the time to get one. And if you already have a plan, now is the time to review. 




First things first, keep up with the forecast—the National Hurricane Center is an excellent and reliable resource—so you can access up-to-the-minute status on approaching storms to help make your preparations sound and secure. Once you know if you're in the projected path, you might be surprised what is involved in securing your property and assets from extensive damage—here are some important considerations.

1. Prioritize your assets. Identify what maintains your business and take the earliest action possible to protect your people, equipment, and site. Get your people engaged in the preparation to help minimize the recovery process after the storm has passed.

2. Protect your people. This is especially critical if you have employees who are in the path of the storm but not at your location. Know their locations and schedule in real time and identify employees on the road. Use a mass-notification system to communicate urgent updates and developments. Over-communicate to ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. Inventory your assets. This includes networks, data, equipment, supplies, products—and more. Keep in mind that power outages and gas leaks are a strong possibility. Locate your assets. Prioritize those that are critical to your business. Assess what physical protection is required. Review insurance coverage. Know what you own and what you are leasing for liability purposes.

4. Fortify your locations. Secure windows, doors, and openings. Take flooding into consideration. Backup your data and store it offsite. Assess the biggest risks and procure the necessary materials—this is a step best made in advance whenever possible.

This previous blog highlights the unique advantages of solar-powered electric fences. Keep in mind that because our electric security fences are solar-powered, they will still operate during power outages—at a time when they could be needed most. And remember, AMAROK™ is always available to assist you before, during, and after any natural disaster—especially in making needed repairs to The Electric Guard Dog™ fence, where our portable electric fencing would be especially beneficial. 

AMAROK is always prepared to serve our valued customers. Stay safe!