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    | 2 min read

    No “I” in Team PRP

    The 5th Annual Team PRP meeting and trade show kicked off in Louisville, Kentucky last week with a powerful motivational keynote speech by Dan Baker, a highly decorated Marine Cobra helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam.


    Offering a rousing opening, Dan Baker (pictured right) challenged Team PRP members to empower themselves and their industry.

    What is Team PRP?

    With a membership that includes 100 owners and 150 locations, Team PRP uses an identical quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards to provide consistently high quality parts and maximizes consumer, mechanical repairer, collision center and estimator confidence. All PRP members share inventories regionally and nationally, with a delivery system that is both fast and dependable. Immediate parts availability with a 24-hour in-stock shipping policy means mechanical repairers and collision centers get what they need quickly. Covering any supplements on their parts and communicating with the estimator and repairer eliminates surprises.

    Rebuilders Automotive Supply


    George Lucas, Senior Vice President of Rebuilders Automotive Supply (RAS), described RAS as a buyer, seller and refurbisher of cores, catalytic converters, as well as a recalled parts specialist. He made a presentation of discounts and incentives offered to Team PRP Members: RAS refines the metals bought from the auto dismantlers to 99% pure, with the added advantage that auto dismantlers can sell the metal when the market is high and deliver the product later. They give Team PRP members 15% more on catalytic converters when they sell in bulk, but are willing to buy piece by piece.


    Electric Guard Dog's Alex Bethke with John Catalano Sr. of Bionic Auto Parts and Sales

    Commercial Insurance Associates

    William Denbo of Commercial Insurance Associates differentiated the company from competitors by explaining that the company offers customized insurance plans to the industry. Their policies and rates reflect a focus on the insurance issues dismantlers most need: fire, as it is the number one problem in the industry, followed by workman’s comp. Cautioning that business interruption from fire is a larger loss than the loss of physical assets, he encouraged members to take preventative measures, including inventory control, perfecting site layout and keeping records of all assets.


    Charlie Martin of Team PRP with Alex Bethke

    Automotive Commodity Exchange

    Benny Cunningham, owner of the Automotive Commodity Exchange, graced the stage for the finale. Known as “the voice of auto dismantlers in the automotive industry,” and owner of Old Dominion Auto Parts, Action Auto Parts, Cunningham Brothers and Automotive Commodity Exchange, Benny sits on General Motors’ Board and works directly with the “Big Three.” Benny explained the value of the Automotive Commodity Exchange (ACE) to Team PRP members. The exchange houses used parts that typically have no salvage value, holding these parts at their warehouse and reselling them to the automotive industry when a need is created, such as a recall. At this point the auto dismantlers are paid, granting auto dismantlers an income on parts they would otherwise have thrown away. Due to Benny’s long-term involvement with automotive manufacturers, he has great instincts for what parts they may need in the future.

    Benny also advocated for change on two issues:

    • Switching from the Hollander record keeping system to VIN number record keeping system, as it will allow auto dismantlers to communicate in the same terms for used parts.
    • Start selling used parts at an agreed-upon MSRP. They would avoid under-cutting each other and have a stronger presence in the industry.


    Informative, productive, the Team PRP show offered members an opportunity to learn of new deals that will advance their businesses, as well as unify the voice of auto dismantlers in the auto industry. Go Team PRP!

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