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    Our Team on the “Ground” — Field Services at Electric Guard Dog

    While EGD overall gets high marks on customer surveys, there’s one department that is routinely ranked the highest: Field Services, the technicians that not only perform preventative maintenance visits, but also repair EGD’s systems when the customer reports any type of damage. Many of our customers appreciate the thoroughness of their knowledge and their dedication. All of customers seem to like them personally – they’re “really positive” people.

    Okay, we’ll stop with the energy puns now.

    amarok_field_services_customer_support_featureBut where do we find these great technicians? What kind of training do they go through to get such high marks from customers? We thought we’d sit down with Randy Mullis, Director of Field Operations at Electric Guard Dog, and find out.

    Hiring Technicians

    “This is a very demanding job. Our techs may visit multiple cities in the span of a week,” Randy explains. “So we look for people who can quickly adapt to challenges. We also want to know if they’re personable. That is by far the most important, as our technicians are frequently the face of Electric Guard Dog for our customers. Due to this, they are always interviewed by upper management before they’re hired.”

    Rigorous Training

    EGD technicians go through a six-week training process. The first stage of training is a truly unique one.

    “We put them on a plane, fly them to an area of the country with which they are unfamiliar, to work with one of our lead techs on their turf,” Randy explains. “This is to test whether they can navigate the many, many locations they will visit on a weekly basis. Can they get what they need promptly, despite never having visited that city previously? On site, the lead technician will not only train them regarding how to physically test all aspects of our service, but also how to provide great customer service.”

    But the training doesn’t end there. “Once the two-week tutelage in the lead tech's region is over, the lead tech actually flies back with the trainee. Our customers are very busy people; they don’t have time to ask questions twice. So if they have any issues that need resolving, someone with a thorough knowledge of EGD is on hand to help.”

    On the Job

    An equal amount of thought is put into how a tech can routinely provide turnkey service on the job.

    Randy explains, “We supply our techs with every resource and support they might need.” The list includes:

    • The most economical routes between jobs
    • Technology to help them get there
    • Customer input regarding their security measures
    • A dedicated customer service representative
    • A dedicated project manager

    Every aspect of the job has a process. “We equip every company van identically, so if one tech is covering for another, they know where all their tools are. We also supply them with a playbook of defined courses of action, breaking down tiers of troubleshooting issues, and the corrections necessary,” Randy continues.

    “Finally, treating our employees well is part of our company culture. We never ask our technicians to rush through a visit with a client. We prefer they visit with the customer properly and ensure they are happy before moving on.”


    The result is a team of field technicians that have been with Electric Guard Dog for years. “The reasons are twofold: we treat our employees well, and we offer a lot of room for advancement,” Randy proudly finishes.

    Interested in hearing more about customer support at the #1 Theft Deterrent Service™? Sign up for our RSS feed. Interested in a career with our Field Services department? Check out our Glassdoor page for the “current” listings. We know you “conduit.”

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist. We’ll stop now.

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