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    | 2 min read

    SCTA Hosts "The Great Debate" Conference

    If you missed the South Carolina Trucking Association Annual Conference this month, you missed out. There were warnings of trucks potentially being held hostage by hackers, stories of espionage told by a former spy and, as “The Great Debate” show theme suggests, there was a great deal of political commentary.

    The SCTA conference, held in Hilton Head, SC, was the place to be for critical information impacting professionals in South Carolina’s vibrant trucking industry. 


    Show Highlights

    Jim Olson, a former chief of CIA counterintelligence, gave a riveting talk that took the crowd inside the real world of intelligence, from the day he was in law school and received a call fromJim_Olson_Former_CIA_Officer.jpg an organization offering “career advancement” to help America, to the difficult dilemmas and encounters he experienced in his “life on the farm” as an undercover spy for 31 years. He spoke of special weapons, training and masking technologies (like in "Mission: Impossible" movies) used in the CIA. The crowd was on the edge of their seats and, at the end, gave Olson a standing ovation. To learn more about his clandestine career, read Olson's book, Fair Play.

    Future Truck Technologies

    Duke Drinkard (retired) and Bill Brown of Southeastern Freight Lines highlighted future technologies on the horizon for trucking companies as well as challenges facing the industry. Considering that trucks are now rolling data centers, anyone’s fleet of trucks can easily be held hostage by manipulating “open platform”, or easily accessible information, to remotely operate the trucks electronically. An example given was of a Jeep that made national news when the electronics were compromised and the driver lost control of the car, which was being controlled remotely by a hacker.

    Transportation Safety & Efficiency

    Rebecca Brewster of American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) shared research that revealed the top freight bottlenecks in the U.S., which are: 1. Atlanta 2. Chicago and 3. Fort Lee, NJ. The congestion costs the trucking industry about $50 billion, annually. Loss of production due to the congestion was measured at 728 million hours, which equals 264,500 commercial drivers sitting still for the entire year!

    Closing out the show, Colonel Leroy Taylor of the SC State Transport Police discussed his Safe DRIVE partnership geared toward commercial motor vehicle safety along the I-95 corridor. He emphasized the 403 driving-related deaths in SC, this year alone, and urged everyone to use defensive driving and “be safe” on the road.  

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