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The Pitfalls of Security Guard Protection

For decades, measures to secure commercial property have largely remained the same. Many companies rely on a combination of antiquated methods, including security guard protection. At Electric Guard Dog, we provide exceptional technology that has transformed commercial property security. Our customers confidently phase out obsolete security measures, like security guards, to adopt our cost-effective, reliable, and comprehensive security system. Here are six ways to avoid the risks of security guard protection with EGD.

Security guard protection comes with downtime costs.

As a facility manager, you understand the cost of stolen property. According to CargoNet, the typical cost of a commercial property crime exceeds $200,000. In addition to recovering stolen property, your company can also suffer the cost of security guards who resign. U.S. workers have no legal requirement for providing notice of resignation. Two weeks of notice may be the norm, but your security guards can walk out any time. That leaves you to ensure there is someone qualified to fill the post. Get ready! An employee who deals with a property crime loses an average of 37 hours of productive time.

Our customers don’t worry about the inevitable turnaround of security guards because EGD protects their property around the clock. The system features multiple integrated layers of deterrents: an intimidating fence built inside the perimeter; a safe, but an effective shock for anyone willing to test it; and a blaring alarm and alert to our monitoring center if someone interferes. EGD also includes 24/7 access to monitoring, alarm verification, and a trained response team.


Vast perimeters are harder to control with security guards.

Properties like trucking and recycling yards have huge perimeters and a large number of access points. With so much property to monitor, even the most skilled security guards can’t be in two places at once. To better secure an extensive perimeter, you could hire more guards or add more security measures, but that adds up. EGD provides a more comprehensive, cost-effective solution. Our commercial security system replaces the need for guards with a multi-layer approach that defends perimeters of all sizes. At the core of the system is an intimidating, 10-foot fence. Along with shock and alarm systems, the fence guards your vast perimeter so security guards don’t have to.


Contracted security guards may be spread thin.

We understand the importance of securing all of your assets and resources. The more security guards you have monitoring the perimeter, the fewer available to protect everything else. We help customers achieve greater security for all of their property and employees. EGD reliably defends the perimeter, freeing up security guards to monitor the building and conduct fire checks. Unlike security guards, EGD components don’t get pulled in several directions. The system works all day, every day – powered by dependable solar energy – to secure your site.


Wage costs for security guards are high.

How many security guards do you need to protect your perimeter? What about its entrances and attached buildings? The more security guards you need, the higher your overall wage costs. Security guard protection can burn a budget. EGD eliminates the need for security guards and helps save on wages. In fact, an average-size customer who switches to EGD from 24/7 security guards saves $120,000 every year. Our customers pay a low monthly fee based on the size, scale, and customized needs of their property. There are no costs for construction, installation, or maintenance. Plus, because solar energy powers EGD, you can expect low energy costs.


Remote locations challenge security guards.

Remote locations present serious security challenges. Compared with security guard protection services, EGD provides better solutions for overcoming them. One threat of remote areas is they can be difficult to guard. The geography may present challenges to monitoring the site from multiple vantage points or offer limited services for contracting security guards. EGD customers don’t need as many eyes on their property. Our system does everything a security guard would: monitor, defend, and alert. Remote locations can also be hard to reach. When an incident occurs, a security guard can contact the authorities, but police may struggle to arrive in time. EGD comes with 24/7 alarm verification. That means our highly trained staff does the monitoring for you, instantly verifying and responding to alarms. We can also investigate and take action onsite 24/7 with our team of response officers. With so few security guards, remote locations are also highly targeted. The EGD fence alone makes would-be criminals think again. It’s the most effective visual deterrent, standing tall with clear warning signs that promise a jolt of 7,000 volts.


Paying for security guard protection in addition to other security measures can dilute cost efficiency.

When companies use security guards with other protection systems, their payments can run higher than using one consolidated method like EGD. The average monthly cost for security guard protection is $14,000. Adding measures like video cameras and fencing ups the bill with no guarantee of greater security. EGD delivers on cost and results. On average, our customers invest $950 each month in EGD, which replaces a piecemeal security system with a comprehensive one. EGD also fulfills its promise. We have 4,000 happy customers across the country and 98% experience zero external theft.


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