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    | 2 min read

    The Solar Security Bonus

    In demonstrating the Electric Guard Dog electric security fence, we usually get a few “wows” when we mention the system has been running on solar power since it was developed in 1991. It’s a little known fact, but we are actually one of the original pioneers in solar-powered security.solar-powered-electric-security-fence.jpg

    Did our founder and inventor, Bill Mullis, have a passion for renewable energy and recycled materials? Absolutely. But it wasn’t the primary reason he used solar power.

    The primary reason was to provide customers with a perimeter security system that is always working: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without fail. Electric Guard Dog is unparalleled as a safe and effective theft deterrent.

    Security that is Always On and Green

    Living in the South, Bill knew his electric security fence needed to work through the frequent power outages caused by thunderstorms. The reason for this is that detection-based security systems — cameras and alarms — are often attached to the electrical grid. So when the power goes out, professional thieves adopt a “surf’s up” mentality and loot multiple business locations. Even a backup generator fails to comprehensively solve this problem. In big storms, thieves will simply wait for the generator to die, and move in.

    Hurricane Sandy was a testament to EGD’s success:  while power was down on other security systems for days in the affected region, Electric Guard Dog provided security throughout and after the storm. Less than a dozen customers even needed service visits.

    ROI on Renewable Energy

    Solar power has another allure as well: Savings. When it comes to security budgets, customers can save money on power, labor (many of our customers find they no longer need guards), materials and insurance. They specifically cite the financial savings they enjoy at remote sites by avoiding the expense of hooking up to electrical utilities. 

    There are immediate performance benefits, too: 

    • Durability: Solar panels are extremely durable. We rarely have to replace our panels.
    • Training and Regulations: The costs and training required to comply with regulations related to solar power are often much less rigorous than those required for AC power.
    • Customer Retention: A solar-powered security system can deter crime, which reassures customers.

    There are multiple advantages to solar-powered security: it’s always on, has great financial and customer service ROI, and is a great addition to any company’s green strategy. Well worth considering when you investigate your company’s commercial security needs. Plus it’s just good to be green. Learn more about Electric Guard Dog's Solar-Powered Security.

    If you're enduring chronic theft problems at your business, Contact Electric Guard Dog today for a free site security evaluation.


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