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    The Truth About Security Guards

    When you think about security, does the word “guard” automatically come to mind? You’re not alone. Many businesses assume that live security personnel offer the best protection for their commercial properties. And many continue to rely on them to prevent break-ins and burglaries.

    BUT…while having security personnel on your site may make you, your employees, and your visitors feel better, here’s the simple truth:  Relying on security guards as your first line of perimeter defense is just not good enough.

    Here are five reasons why: 

    1. Large sites are hard to protect

    Properties like trucking sites, distribution centers and recycling yards have huge perimeters, multiple access points and a whole lot of assets to protect. An individual guard can only be in one place at a time.

    While a guard is checking one side of your lot, he or she may be totally unaware of what’s happening at the other side until it’s too late. Even multiple guards may be unable to stop a break-in or delay thieves until police arrive.

    2. Remote locations are even harder to protect

    If your business site is a remote location, it presents even more serious challenges. For one thing, you may have trouble finding personnel who want work there, due to lengthy commutes and lack of nearby amenities. If an incident occurs, police will be hard-pressed to respond in a timely manner, leaving your guards on their own. And geographic features may make it difficult to monitor the site. Combined, these factors make your remote property a mighty attractive target for thieves.

    3. Security guards are expensive

    According to Salary.com, the average annual salary for an unarmed security guard is about $32,700—and that’s just salary; it does not include benefits. How many security guards do you need to protect your perimeter? What about entrances and attached buildings? The more security guards you need to hire, the higher your overall wage costs.
    And salaries aren’t your only cost. You also have to pay for recruiting, training, liability insurance, perhaps for patrol vehicles and more.

    Then there’s the often overlooked cost of employee turnover. The security business has notoriously high turnover, which means high costs for constantly hiring and training new people. Add it all up and you’ll see that security guard protection can really burn up your budget.

    Sure, you can outsource security, but the company providing the guards faces the same issues and passes their costs along to you. Additionally, if they experience high turnover coupled with a shortage of experienced candidates to fill those positions, you may get guards that aren’t properly qualified for the job.

    4. It’s hard to find personnel with the right qualifications

    Security work can be physically demanding, so you need to hire guards who are in good health and bodily condition. You also need personnel who are responsible—who show up every day, on time, and don’t fall asleep on the graveyard shift. They must be temperamentally suited to respond appropriately to any incidents on your property. And, finally, they must be mentally able to deal with the boredom of routine patrols, while always alert and prepared to respond quickly to intrusions and other threats.

    Some states require guards to be licensed and to go through a training program while other states don’t. If you want armed guards, licensing to carry firearms is another issue. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your security hires get the proper training and certifications to stay in compliance and minimize any potential liability to your company.

    5. Security guards can be spread too thin

    “Security” is a broad term, and security guards are asked to do a lot. In addition to patrolling perimeters, they have to check building entrances (maybe inside buildings, as well), equipment and other assets on the property and respond to any suspicious activity.

    If your site has a large perimeter, you have to choose how to deploy your guards. The more guards assigned to monitor the perimeter, the fewer available to protect everything else on your property. You can add other security measures, like alarms. But the costs of such a piecemeal approach can do real damage to your budget and still be ineffective.

    Are you ready to take control of your own perimeter? 

    Now that you know the drawbacks of relying on security guards to protect your business site, are you ready to amp up your perimeter protection?

    AMAROK’s multiple, integrated layers of deterrence deliver better value in terms of both cost and results. It all starts with an intimidating, 10-foot, solar-powered electric fence built inside your perimeter fence. This delivers a safe, but effective, 7,000-volt shock for anyone willing to test it. Contact also triggers a blaring alarm and sends an alert to our monitoring center, where a trained response team provides verification of any attempted breach.

    Our security is cost-effective. On average, AMAROK customers pay $950 for a comprehensive solution, versus $10,000 a month for a few security guards. And we cover your entire perimeter, around the clock. No need to wonder if a criminal is entering one end of your property while your guards are busy somewhere else. You pay no costs for construction, installation, or maintenance—just one low monthly fee based on the size, scale, and customized needs of your property.


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