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6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-19

Cafe owner smiling at the camera at the cafe

The past few months have been wildly unpredictable. No one could have known that businesses would be ordered to temporarily close. While the closures were for everyone’s safety, this abrupt occurrence has been difficult for businesses to handle.

As the country begins to open after the COVID-19 health crisis, businesses will face the task of reopening after a hasty closure. We’ve compiled a list of tips for reopening businesses in a safe and smart manner to protect your staff and property.

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15 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on Your Property This Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 5/21/20 12:30 PM

15 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on Your Property This Memorial Day WeekendThis year, Memorial Day may look a little different, but one thing will remain the same: businesses will be more susceptible to cargo and commercial theft (up to 52 percent more, to be exact). It’s more important than ever to protect your business, because SensiGuard estimates the average value of each cargo theft at a whopping $155,709. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a few things I’d rather do with that money.

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Business Advice to Consider During the Coronavirus Pandemic | AMAROK

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, many companies are closing their doors or having employees work from home. Yours is probably one of them.

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