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Selling Power Magazine Declares AMAROK #1

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 7/14/20 11:36 AM

AMAROK Earns Top Spot on Selling Power Magazine’s Top 50 List

AMAROK™ proudly announces that is has earned the #1 ranking on the Selling Power 50 Best Companies to Sell For list in 2020!

Selling Power ranked AMAROK #2 in 2019, adding confirmation that AMAROK is a company that never rests on its laurels and that consistently strives to improve. With only one higher objective to accomplish in this prestigious list, AMAROK achieved it in the shortest possible time.

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Tips for Securing Your Building & Property Over the July 4th Weekend

As Independence Day approaches and we all set out to enjoy some well-deserved time off - just remember that criminals don't take vacations.  In fact, holidays like July 4th offer up opportunities for thieves and criminals to steal valuable property in large quantities from buildings and properties that do not have security systems. With a little due diligence and preparation, you can take the proper precautions to lock up and secure your perimeter and protect your building from theft.

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6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-19

Cafe owner smiling at the camera at the cafe

The past few months have been wildly unpredictable. No one could have known that businesses would be ordered to temporarily close. While the closures were for everyone’s safety, this abrupt occurrence has been difficult for businesses to handle.

As the country begins to open after the COVID-19 health crisis, businesses will face the task of reopening after a hasty closure. We’ve compiled a list of tips for reopening businesses in a safe and smart manner to protect your staff and property.

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AMAROK Ranks in 16th Place in the SDM Magazine 100 Report

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15 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on Your Property This Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 5/21/20 12:30 PM

15 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on Your Property This Memorial Day WeekendThis year, Memorial Day may look a little different, but one thing will remain the same: businesses will be more susceptible to cargo and commercial theft (up to 52 percent more, to be exact). It’s more important than ever to protect your business, because SensiGuard estimates the average value of each cargo theft at a whopping $155,709. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a few things I’d rather do with that money.

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A Pandemic of Theft: Is Your Business at Risk of Cargo Theft?

Posted by Cara Laymon on 5/13/20 8:27 AM

In the last several months we have all become united under the same feeling: fear. It’s powerful. This invisible thing lingering around the whole world right now, turning handshakes into deadly weapons and creating a necessary grocery trip into dooms-day preparation.

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