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What Does the Future Hold for Layered Security?

Security directors are dealing with compounding challenges today, including:

  • New security threats
  • Strained law enforcement resources
  • Continued budget pressure

In this series, we’ve been examining the many challenges and options that currently exist to help security directors attain layered security. Today, we are looking to the future — what more can you do? What is the next goalpost to achieve? The answer is one word: integration.

As a security director, you’ve likely targeted and achieved layered detection and deterrent security systems. Our hats are off to you. But to get the greatest value out of the measures you’ve purchased, they must talk to each other.

Integrated Layered Security Systems

Integrated layered security systems act as a force multiplier on any lone security measure, or even any group of measures. Think of integrated layers like banded cable: the interwoven cables render the whole stronger than any single strand.

effective layered security is integrated, like banded cable

Now let’s apply that analogy to your layered security measures. Integrating every layer of your security means each measure communicates with the others, including:

  • Lighting systems that talk to both perimeter and intrusion systems
  • Intrusion and perimeter systems channeled to the same monitoring company
  • Access control systems that communicate with your perimeter security systems
  • Any video investment, modest or extensive, engaged with all other systems
  • Ideally, all measures utilizing the same back-up power generation system. Best practices encourage solar power.

Integration will enhance the power of both your deterrent and detection layers.

  • An Electric Security Fence already has three integrated layers of security: Physical, Shock and Alarm. By further integrating a lighting or Sentinel system with your electric security fence, you can further enhance the deterrent power of this system.
  • Video monitoring can help your other systems with alarm verification. Reliable alarm verification strengthens the reliability of all your other investments.

The specific layers of your security plan will change, but the key to physical security success in the future will be the integration of your layered security systems. 

If you have questions about implementing integrated layered security in your environment, click below to speak with one of our security professionals.

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