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AMAROK Building Intrusion Detection


Building Intrusion Detection alerts you when potential intruders attempt a break-in to offices, warehouses, assembly plants, and other vulnerable buildings on your property.



Shield Vulnerable Areas of Your Property with
Building Intrusion Protection

After securing your perimeter with The Electric Guard Dog™ fence, you need to shield your on-site structures with Building Intrusion Detection. Deny thieves access to potential weak points such as windows and doors with wireless motion detection, door contacts, and glass break protection.

     Key Features:      

  • Limits building access to authorized personnel only, during or after business hours.
  • Protects any entry point with a motion, glass break, or door contact that alarm separately.
  • Adds surveillance cameras for alarm verification and remote video monitoring.
  • Receives notifications via the easy-to-use phone app.
  • Logs entry and exit times of authorized employees who access your business.

AMAROK Remote Arming

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