AMAROK  Keep your High-Valued Cannabis Crop Protected
AMAROK  Keep your High-Valued Cannabis Crop Protected
AMAROK  Keep your High-Valued Cannabis Crop Protected

Cannabis Grower Security Solutions



Legal Cannabis Sales in the U.S. Surpassed $17 Billion in 2020.
Is Your Cannabis Crop Ripe for the Picking?

    • Cannabis fields and grow houses may be located in areas well away from vehicular and foot traffic, making it easier for thieves to approach, surveille and enter undetected.

    • Chain link fencing, even if topped by razor wire, can be cut, climbed or breached by driving a vehicle through it.

    • You may have security personnel and/or guard dogs onsite 24 hours a day. But they can’t be everywhere at once, especially on multi-acre sites. And it can be hard to spot intruders among the plants and equipment – especially at night.

    • Employees’ safety can also be at risk if hardened criminals are determined to get your crop at any cost.

Don't Let Thieves Harvest Your Profits

The best way to prevent your valuable crop from being stolen is to keep thieves out – period. AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions feature multiple layers to deter, detect and delay intruders at the fence line.

    • Deterrence starts with AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence. Set just inside your own perimeter fencing, the Electric Guard Dog stands at least 10 feet tall. When touched, it delivers a medically safe, but unforgettable, 7,000-volt shock and simultaneously triggers a loud alarm and brilliant LED lights. Warning signs posted every 30 feet are enough to scare off most would-be intruders.

    • For even greater protection, upgrade to the Electric Guard Dog 30 Series, featuring twice as many electric wires as the original Electric Guard Dog.

    • The Electric Guard Dog fence and EGD 30 series are solar-powered, so they protect your property and your crop even during a power blackout.

    • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE integrates additional LED lights, strategically placed surveillance cameras and 24/7 video monitoring with the Electric Guard Dog fence and alarm.

    • Add extra protection at your gate or in dark or remote areas with sentinels. Offered as stand-alone units or built into the Electric Guard Dog fence, sentinels sound sirens, flood the area with additional powerful LED lights and flash a red and blue light bar if the fence is contacted. Like EGD fences, sentinels are 100% solar powered.

    • To detect intruders at first touch, AMAROK’s zoned perimeter detection system uses motion-sensing cables to detect attempts to climb or cut your own exterior perimeter fencing, before intruders even contact the Electric Guard Dog.

    • Additional available fence enhancements include remote and automatic gate arming, angled and laydown fencing.

Nip Cannabis Theft in the Bud

Protecting your cannabis crop from theft is just as important as having the best quality cannabis – not only to protect your profit, but to keep you in compliance with state regulations and licensing requirements, as well.

AMAROK will customize a security solution for your site and install and fully maintain it for one affordable monthly fee. There are no construction costs or surprise extra charges for maintenance or repairs.  AMAROK security solutions are affordable and effective.

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"Police were unable to help, nor were other forms of security. We knew we had to take a deterrent based security approach, and that is when we were referred to The Electric Guard Dog...quick and clean installation, helpful customer service, and best of all: NO THEFT!

I highly recommend The Electric Guard Dog!"

Stephen Sweeney, President — Four Three Seven Management, LLC

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