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That's what our employees are saying about us. And we think they're pretty amazing, too! Our most valuable asset is our people—it's what sets us apart. Our teamwork, quality, and commitment to exceptional customer service and property security are the fundamental reasons for our success.

AMAROK is full of energetic and diverse innovators and problem solvers who bring big ideas to life. We promote a focused, yet fun atmosphere to solve problems together, and we bring peace of mind for thousands of commercial and industrial companies nationwide. 




People have described our team members as innovative, passionate, and customer-focused. And that's why AMAROK has remained in business for more than 30 years. Our strategy is to stay one step ahead of the criminals, and that requires vision and purpose.

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AMAROK provides comprehensive Property Security as a Service for commercial and industrial businesses across North America. Our solar-powered, electrified fence and other solutions stop theft before it happens. We value a work culture that promotes high-performance, customer service, teamwork, and fun! 


Achieve great success from a thriving company that protects people and property. And there are many opportunities for advancement. In fact, many members of our current leadership team began as technicians, salespeople, and in other support roles. We encourage and enable personal and professional growth


What We Value in an AMAROK Employee

This is an exciting time to join our team — we're inspired about the future! As we move into new markets with new security products, consider what that could mean for you. Great opportunities and achievements are right around the corner!



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Life at AMAROK has a Powerful Vibe

Something exciting and meaningful is always happening at AMAROK. Each day has its own frequency! This is why we employ people with a wide variety of skill sets, yet with one thing in common—a passion to excel in their careers. Have a peek at these department summaries to learn more about what we value in prospective team members. If you think that we might be a fit for you, great—let us know!

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Professionals, driven by results and passionate about achieving goals, are relentless in protecting our customers' property. They embrace the challenge to engage with prospects and customers one-on-one, and they are persistent to the nth degree. As the face of AMAROK, they achieve success by following a tried-and-true formula that generates revenue and profits.





Our Finance Team consists of the behind-the-scenes heroes of our company. They ensure our customers are taken care of and maintain our strategic goals. Due to our service model, our financials require consistent and accurate management, evaluation, projection, and appraisal. Our finance team is never idle and always vigilant.

HR and Admin

HR and Admin

Our HR and Admin Team are the keepers of our culture. They ensure we recruit the best talent and take care of our employees. They embrace our company value "employee-driven" on a daily basis. They are experts in all things HR—benefits, employee relations, talent recruitment and acquisition, compensation, and regulatory compliance. 



Our Compliance and Government Relations Team is responsible for getting all the permits needed to install our perimeter-security solutions. They work with state and local government agencies to ensure we can stay committed to protecting our customers. 

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our Customer Service, Install, and Project Manager Professionals advocate for our customers on a daily basis. They are the subject-matter experts who help troubleshoot and ensure each property gets protected quickly and stays secure. They work together to answer customer inquiries and solve problems. With our service model, these teams are essential to providing top-notch customer experiences. 


Research & Development

Our Technology and Product Management Teams are constantly researching and innovating new security solutions to improve our offerings and provide the ultimate perimeter security for our customers. These teams keep a pulse on the latest security trends and how to best implement our solutions. They ensure we stay one step ahead of criminals!

1099 Subcontract

1099 Subcontract

We look to the local experts to help us implement our solutions across the country. We partner with talented crews that can help us scale with speed and accuracy. We maintain long-term relationships with these partners, and they help us maintain the ability to meet our customers' expectations. 



This team keeps our company humming with ease. We look for employees who are detail-oriented and dedicated to organizing, receiving, and shipping all the materials and products that comprise our perimeter-security systems. We can trust this team to get our products out on time, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Field Service

Field Service

Our Field Service Technicians form a team of dedicated professionals, driven by a passion to protect our customers. They do whatever is necessary to ensure our electric fences and perimeter-security systems operate at peak efficiency. They are efficient and deadline-driven, with a passion and ability to work with their hands. As our road warriors, they maintain and repair our fences and provide excellent customer service. This team is the backbone of our organization and essential to our success. 





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