AMAROK Collision Centers Need a Perimeter Security Solution
AMAROK Collision Centers Need a Perimeter Security Solution
AMAROK Collision Centers Need a Perimeter Security Solution

Collision Center Perimeter Security Solution


Vehicle Thefts from Repair Facilities are Surprisingly Common.
The Average Dollar Loss Per Theft is More Than $7,700.

Collision centers attract criminals looking to steal cars, parts and accessories – not to mention the expensive high-tech equipment and specialized tools required to conduct your business.

Protect your customers and your assets by keeping intruders off your premises with security solutions from AMAROK, the premier provider of solar-powered electric fencing and perimeter protection for commercial and industrial properties in the U.S. and Canada.

Theft Can Put a Serious Dent in Your Revenues
    • The cars on your lot may not be in running condition, but thieves can pull parts worth two or three times the value of the car itself. Or they may just drive away with the vehicles you’ve already repaired.

    • Theft of, or damage to, your tools and equipment may force you to close until replacements arrive, interrupting your revenue stream.

    • Insurance won’t completely cover your financial losses, leaving you out of pocket for deductibles and depreciation.

    • On top of monetary damages and downtime, your business may receive negative customer ratings on social media, which can harm your reputation and future prospects.

Tell Thieves to Hit the Road

AMAROK’s layered perimeter security solutions are strategically designed to discourage, detect and delay unauthorized entry to your premises.

    • All of our solutions start with the Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence. Set inside your own perimeter fencing, the Electric Guard Dog stands at least 10 feet high and delivers an unforgettable, 7,000-volt shock to anyone foolish enough to touch it. Contact also triggers a blaring alarm and bright LED lights, adding further incentive for intruders to put it into reverse and hit the gas.

    • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE adds additional LED lights to the perimeter, along with strategically placed surveillance cameras and 24/7 live video monitoring.

    • AMAROK also offers solar-powered or electric-powered lot lighting featuring waterproof, dust-resistant LEDs that can be programmed to stay on all night or power on when the alarm is activated. 

    • AMAROK protects parts, equipment and tools stored in buildings with building intrusion detection, including motion detectors, glass break and door alarms, access control with entry and exit logging, surveillance cameras and 24-hour monitoring.



Security is NO Accident with AMAROK

AMAROK’s products combine powerful defenses to become everything criminals hate and avoid, which is why 98% of our customers experience no external theft once they’re in place.

Plus, with AMAROK, you pay no upfront costs; just an affordable monthly service fee that includes installation and ongoing maintenance. Our solutions can save you up to 90% over the cost of professional security guards. And, because they’re solar-powered, they work rain or shine, 365 days a year – no vacations or coffee breaks.

So it’s no accident that more than 5,000 commercial and industrial customers, including Fortune 100 companies in 48 states, have entrusted AMAROK with their perimeter security needs. You can, too.






See how AMAROK is relentlessly protecting a collision center just like yours.


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“Since installation, attempted break-ins have been stopped. We have not had any inventory losses. The last attempted break in, the thieves even left us their bolt cutters.”
Tom Rapp — Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems

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