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AMAROK  Construction Site Security


Equipment Theft Costs Construction Companies as much as $1 Billion Annually.
75% of Stolen Goods are Never Recovered.

Theft and vandalism at construction job sites can seriously harm your business. Here's why:

    • Replacing stolen or damaged equipment, tools and materials is expensive, and repeat losses drive up insurance premiums.
    • Time lost while waiting for new tools and equipment disrupts work schedules, reducing productivity and profits.
    • Failure to complete projects within contract deadlines can result in penalties and damage to your reputation.

Thefts at building supply companies cause similar consequences, including unreimbursed monetary losses, insurance cancellations, loss of business and even bankruptcy.

AMAROK’s fencing and perimeter security solutions stop intruders before they get on to your job site or in to your building supply yard. When our fence goes up, crime stops – period.

Why Thieves Love Construction Sites

    • Construction sites encompass vast areas with multiple entry points, making them difficult (and costly) to monitor with security guards.
    • Expensive equipment, vehicles, tools, building materials and other supplies routinely stored on site are attractive targets for theft.
    • Site perimeters are subject to change as work progresses, requiring a flexible security solution. But most portable fencing is easy to breach, which also makes your site inviting to vagrants and thrill-seeking teens.

After-Hours ‘Shoppers’ Also Target
Building Supply Yards

    • The recent construction and remodeling boom has raised prices for lumber, metals, roofing materials and other building supplies.
    • Demand and lack of trackers, sensors or other identifiers make these materials easy to sell.
    • Commercial locations are usually deserted at night, allowing intruders to approach unnoticed.
    • Typical chain link perimeter fencing can be easily climbed or cut.

AMAROK Demolishes Job Site and
Building Supply Theft

    • Our original Electric Guard Dog™ fence can stand up to 10 feet high and delivers an unforgettable 7,000-volt shock upon contact.
    • Any attempt to scale or cut the fence triggers an alarm and ultra-bright LED lights and alerts our monitoring system.
    • We offer portable electric fencing that also delivers 7,000 volts. Interlocking panels can create a temporary 360-degree perimeter or can extend an existing fence across a larger area.
    • Both permanent and portable versions are solar-powered, protecting your job site or materials supply yard rain or shine – even during power outages.

For even greater perimeter reinforcement, we offer FORTIFEYE, which incorporates security cameras and 24/7 video monitoring to deter, detect and detain would-be thieves and vandals.

Perimeter Protection is the Foundation
of a Secure Job Site.

Let AMAROK Construct a Solution for Your Specific Needs.

We customize your security solution to your site and install and maintain it for one affordable monthly fee. No construction costs, costly maintenance fees or unexpected repair bills. With layered perimeter protection from AMAROK, you can say goodbye to criminal intrusions and and hello to a safer, more profitable work environment.



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