AMAROK High Security Fencing Solutions and Services for Critical Infrastructure
AMAROK High Security Fencing Solutions and Services for Critical Infrastructure
AMAROK High Security Fencing Solutions and Services for Critical Infrastructure

Critical Security Infrastructure Solutions



The Black Market for “Black Gold” Drains Oil and Gas Enterprises of $133 Billion Each Year.

Cargo Losses from Theft and Damage Total $30 Billion Each Year.

Copper Accounts for 96% of All Metal Theft Claims, With Losses Topping $1 Billion Annually.


Oil and gas refineries, energy companies, railways and port facilities provide products and services essential to society’s ability to function. Disruption of normal operations affects personal comfort and safety, drives up costs for businesses and consumers, and can even threaten national security.

Your first line of defense is a strong perimeter. Thieves can’t steal or damage your assets if they can’t get in. AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for key infrastructure zap out crime before it starts.

Crude Awakening: Risks at Oil & Gas Refineries 

    • Oil and gas refineries and tank farms occupy sprawling, poorly lit sites and feature an endless maze of pipes and towers that make it hard to spot intruders.
    • The world runs on petroleum, making stolen crude oil and refined products easy to sell or reintroduce into legitimate outlets.
    • Damage to facilities and equipment, including theft of copper wiring from equipment, can cause fires, explosions, or release of dangerous chemicals, endangering employees and surrounding communities.

Overboard: Threats to Inland and Deep-Water Ports

    • Ports can encompass areas as big as a city, are constantly busy and can be accessed by water, rail and land, making activity difficult to monitor.

    • More than 95% of overseas commerce comes by ship through U.S. ports, which receive more than one billion tons of goods in some 11.5 million containers each year.

    • Ports contain acres of containers holding high-value goods and materials, offering a world of opportunity for well-organized crime rings. They’re also targets for stowaways, drug smugglers and terrorists.

Off the Rails: Theft and Vandalism at Freight Yards

    • 40% of all American intercity freight and 13% of the nation’s goods travel by rail, making freight yards rich pickings for thieves. Cargo includes agricultural and energy products, automobiles and components, construction materials, chemicals, equipment, military supplies, metals, minerals, paper, pulp and consumer goods like food and beverages, electronics, alcohol and tobacco, and clothing and footwear.

    • Like ports, rail freight yards encompass larges areas but often lack perimeter fencing. They also have limited resources to monitor parked rolling stock and containers, making it easy to break into cars and containers undetected. Rail companies also spend millions of dollars each year to combat the theft of copper wiring from tracks and signal equipment, as well as vandalism and graffiti.

Lights Out: Utilities Struggle with Copper Theft

    • High demand has driven up prices for scrap copper, encouraging gangs and drug addicts to steal copper pipe and wiring from electric utilities, as well as telecommunications infrastructure, railways, refineries, and other critical infrastructure.

    • In addition to direct losses, copper theft disrupts electric power, security and emergency services, communications, and transportation, putting both public safety and national security at risk.

    • Thieves have been hurt or killed while attempting to strip live wires and other equipment containing copper, creating additional liability for utilities and other industries.

Security Guards and Police Aren’t Enough Protection

Security guards can’t be everywhere at once, so the chances that one will be where intruders are ransacking your goods are slim. It’s also difficult to recruit and retain highly trained security personnel, and the cost to maintain a reasonable presence on your site 24/7 is prohibitive.

And you can’t count on law enforcement to respond in a timely fashion if you do spot a crime in progress. Police forces are already stretched to their limit, and property crimes often require dual verification before an officer is dispatched. By that time, the criminals have left the premises with your goods.

AMAROK Energizes Your Perimeter Protection

AMAROK provides premier fencing and perimeter security solutions designed to stop criminals before they get onto your site.

    • AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ fence, placed inside your own standard fencing, can stand up to 10 feet high and delivers a shocking 7,000 volts upon contact. Most would-be intruders stop right there.

    • Sentinels, consisting of two sirens, four LED floodlights, and one blue and red light bar, can be placed in remote or especially vulnerable areas of your perimeter or incorporated into the poles of the Electric Guard Dog fence. Contact with the fence triggers the sentinel in the area of contact, sounding the alarms and flooding the area with light.

    • The Electric Guard Dog fence and sentinels are solar-powered, so they work even if the power goes out.

    • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, we offer FORTIFEYE, which incorporates security cameras and 24/7 video monitoring to deter, detect and detain would-be thieves and vandals.

    • Additional security options include zoned perimeter detection, seismic detection, remote and auto gate arming, solar-powered or electric-powered lot lighting, and build intrusion detection.


Let AMAROK Design a Security Solution
for Your Specific Needs

AMAROK customizes your security solution to your site and installs and maintains it for one affordable monthly fee. There are no construction costs, costly maintenance fees, or unexpected repair bills. With layered perimeter protection from AMAROK, you can say goodbye to criminal intrusions and hello to a safer, more profitable operating environment.


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Jerry Watkins, HSE Manager — Whitaker Oil

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