AMAROK  Electric Fence Protection Essential for Data Centers
AMAROK  Electric Fence Protection Essential for Data Centers
AMAROK  Electric Fence Protection Essential for Data Centers

Data Center Perimeter Security



According to the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, 10% of Malicious Breaches are Caused by a Compromise in Physical Security.
The Average Cost Per Incident is $4.36 Million.

You take enormous care to protect your data against malware, social engineering, brute force attacks and other forms of “hacking.”

Have you applied the same level of protection to your data center’s perimeter?

The International Society of Automation recommends managing data center security in layers, and the first layer is your perimeter. AMAROK provides industry-leading electric fencing and integrated perimeter security measures to prevent theft and other crimes by stopping intruders before they get in.

Why Data Centers Need More Than Cyber-Security

    • Like any other business, data centers can be subject to theft, vandalism or even terrorism. Threat actors may steal or damage hard drives, servers and other vital equipment, and the resulting loss or exposure of data can cripple your customers’ (or your own) operations.

    • In the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter how a breach that exposes sensitive data occurs. On average, fines range from $2 to $7 million, and there are additional costs for data breach response, legal fees, victim notification and settlements, lost revenue, and recovery of reputation. Total damages can reach more than $1 billion.

    • Even if malicious intruders don’t get to your servers, they could damage critical communication, electrical, heating and cooling systems necessary to maintain your data center’s operations. And don’t forget the risks to employees and others on your premises.

Don’t Let Criminals ‘Hack’ Your Perimeter

Effective perimeter security is designed to discourage, detect and delay unauthorized entry of your premises. There’s no more convincing deterrent than AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence.

    • Set just inside your own perimeter fencing, the Electric Guard Dog stands at least 10 feet tall. When touched, it delivers a safe, but unforgettable, 7,000-volt shock and simultaneously triggers a loud alarm and brilliant LED lights. Warning signs posted every 30 feet are enough to scare off most would-be intruders.

    • For even greater protection, upgrade to the Electric Guard Dog 30 Series, which features twice as many electric wires as the original Electric Guard Dog.

    • The Electric Guard Dog fence and EGD 30 series are solar-powered, so they’re always on, even if the power goes out.

    • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE adds additional LED lights, strategically placed surveillance cameras and 24/7 video monitoring to the Electric Guard Dog fence and alarm.

    • To detect intruders at first touch, add zoned perimeter protection, which uses motion-sensing cables to detect attempts to climb or cut your own exterior perimeter fencing, before intruders even contact the Electric Guard Dog.

Robust Data Security Begins with 7,000 Volts of Deterrence

AMAROK is the premier provider of solar-powered electric fencing and perimeter protection systems for commercial and industrial properties in the U.S. and Canada. Our layered perimeter security solutions prevent theft and other criminal acts by stopping intruders before they get in.

AMAROK will custom-design a security solution for your specific site and needs and install it within weeks. And there’s no capital investment or construction costs on your part. We provide security as a service, which means we install, maintain and perform any needed repairs for one affordable monthly fee.

The data is irrefutable: 98% of our customers report no crime after our fence goes up. Put AMAROK to work for your data center.



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