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AMAROK  Data Center Security


You monitor data centers with CCTV, on-site security, and single-point entry. You need more. Cameras, guards, and gates may not be enough to deter criminals. Where do you begin? We recommend starting with your perimeter. 

The Electric Guard Dog™ fence from AMAROK is solar-powered, stands at least 10 feet tall and looms inside an existing perimeter fence. When touched, scaled, or cut, would-be criminals experience a safe but memorable 7,000-volt shock.

A secure perimeter is the step in the right direction to theft-proof property. Eliminate the possibility of an attack with The Electric Guard Dog fence and protect your data and your servers from criminals.


The Safety of Your Data Centers Depends on an Impenetrable Perimeter

  • The Electric Guard Dog fence is solar-powered, so it is always on even if the power should go out.
  • Sentinels direct attention to the most targeted and vulnerable areas of the perimeter.
  • FORTIFEYE™ integrates The Electric Guard Dog fence, video surveillance, and video monitoring to create the ultimate crime prevention solution for data centers.




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Industries like yours are at great risk for commercial property theft. Read what steps a leading trucking company's head of security took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing facilities, all while saving on contract security with AMAROK.

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