AMAROK  Cover Your Distribution Assets and Theirs
AMAROK  Cover Your Distribution Assets and Theirs
AMAROK  Cover Your Distribution Assets and Theirs

Warehouse and Distribution Center Security



America’s 300,000+ Distributors Produce $3.2 Trillion in Annual Revenues and Contribute 7% to the Nation’s GDP.

Distribution centers house millions of dollars in vital inventory for business and consumers. Any theft of those goods means lost revenue for you and your customers.

The best way to prevent your merchandise from falling into the wrong hands is to keep thieves off your premises. AMAROK provides solar-powered electric fencing and additional integrated security measures designed to stop criminals before they can penetrate your perimeter.

Is Your Perimeter the Weak Link in Your Site’s Security?

Distribution centers are in the crosshairs for career criminals who view them as a soft target for theft, burglary, and vandalism. Here’s why:

    • Facilities are often located off the beaten path and encompass vast areas, making them difficult (and cost-prohibitive) to monitor with security guards.
    • Goods stored at warehouses run the gamut from food, beverages and pharmaceuticals to electronics, furniture, appliances, apparel and other items that can be quickly sold for big money by organized crime rings.
    • Typical perimeter fencing is easy to cut or climb. Once inside the property, thieves can avoid detection by hiding in dark areas or behind parked trailers.
    • Employees or drivers may be injured if they surprise thieves trying to break into loaded trailers, putting you on the hook for associated liability claims.

Stop Thieves from Distributing Your Goods Elsewhere

According to the Department of Justice, criminals aren’t deterred by security cameras and lights alone. AMAROK’s layered perimeter security solutions integrate these security measures into solutions that start with an unequaled deterrent – the Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence.

    • Placed inside your own standard fencing, the Electric Guard Dog looms 10 feet high and delivers a shocking 7,000 volts upon contact. Most would-be intruders won’t touch it twice. Contact with the fence triggers an alarm and brilliant LED lights, adding further deterrence.
    • The Electric Guard Dog can be augmented with strategically placed surveillance cameras that you can monitor in real time, using our app. Or let our professionally trained staff provide around-the-clock remote video monitoring – essential when dual verification is needed for emergency dispatch.
    • Add AMAROK’s mobile video surveillance units to protect blind spots and extra vulnerable areas from a height of 22 feet. These solar-powered, trailer-mounted units can be moved anywhere within your site, easily integrate into existing security systems and work in tandem with our remote video monitoring service.
    • AMAROK also offers additional layers of security, like perimeter detection systems, building intrusion detection, lot lighting solutions, vegetation control, and more.

Don’t Let Criminals Build Their Supply Chain at Your Expense

Whether you’re in wholesale or retail distribution, your business is a vital link in supplying the needs of commerce and consumers alike. Don’t let thieves take your place by stealing your inventory and your revenue.

AMAROK’s solutions are affordable – costing up to 90 percent less than traditional security guards – and 98 percent of our customers report no external theft after installation. We can have your site protected within a matter of weeks. And because we provide security as a service, there’s no upfront investment on your part. One affordable monthly fee covers installation, maintenance and repairs.






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