AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Equipment Rentals
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Equipment Rentals
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Equipment Rentals

Rental Equipment Security Solutions



Theft Accounts for 50% of all Equipment Losses,
Costing more than $400,000 Annually.

The Average Value of a Stolen Piece of Equipment is $17,400.

Only 21% of Stolen Equipment is Recovered.

Protect your business assets – and your bottom line – with AMAROK's layered security solutions. AMAROK works with trade organizations like the American Rental Association to develop customized security solutions for the unique risks and needs of the equipment rental industry.

The Realities of Equipment Theft

According to the National Equipment Register, theft is the leading reason for equipment loss in the U.S., accounting for 50 percent of all losses reported.

    • Equipment theft is driven by high demand and easy resale. Any piece of equipment that can be easily loaded or driven off your lot is a target.

    • Large, dimly lit equipment yards with easily breached chain link fencing make it easy for thieves to get in and drive away with the high-value assets. And, if they’re successful once, they’re more likely to come back.

    • When equipment gets stolen, you lose revenue while waiting for new equipment to replace what you lost. You also spend a lot of time filing police reports and insurance claims. And, once the insurance claim is filed, your premiums are likely to increase.

AMAROK has the Right Equipment to Protect Your Equipment

    • AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ fence is the first line of defense in keeping your equipment and other rental property safe from crime. Placed inside your own standard fencing, this 10-foot-high, solar-powered fence delivers a shocking 7,000 volts and sounds an audible alarm upon contact. 98 percent of our customers report no external theft after installing the Electric Guard Dog fence.

    • For even greater perimeter reinforcement, we offer FORTIFEYE, which incorporates security cameras and 24/7 video monitoring to deter, detect and detain would-be thieves and vandals.

    • Safeguard assets kept in onsite structures with building intrusion protection. Options include access control, motion, glass break and door contact detection, surveillance cameras and remote video monitoring for alarm verification.

AMAROK: Smart, Easy, Cost-Effective

You’re in the rental business – so is AMAROK. You don’t buy our security solutions; you lease them. That means no upfront construction costs, no costly maintenance fees and no repair bills. We also assume responsibility for code compliance and liability insurance – all for up to 90 percent less than the cost of traditional security guards.

A well secured property begins at the perimeter. Nobody protects your business – or your bottom line – like AMAROK.




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