AMAROK  Landscaping Cut Losses with Electric Security
AMAROK  Landscaping Cut Losses with Electric Security
AMAROK  Landscaping Cut Losses with Electric Security

Electric Security Fencing for Landscaping Equipment




40% of Small Business Owners Experience a Property Claim.

Nationally, the Average Annual Loss to Businesses from Equipment Theft is $400 Million.

Landscaping contractors, nursery owners, tree and plant wholesalers, sod producers and similar businesses use a variety of valuable equipment and materials in their line of work. These are often stored in plain sight, making them an attractive target for criminals.

Operating your business is challenging enough without having to worry about a significant financial loss due to theft or vandalism. AMAROK’s layered perimeter security solutions stop crime before it happens.


How Crime Can Prune Your Profits:

    • Equipment, tools and materials used in landscaping and related businesses are highly desirable and easy to sell.

    • Thieves will steal anything they can carry or drive away, including trucks, trailers, mowers, backhoes, hand tools, trees, shrubs, potted plants, sod, pavers, statuary, and garden furniture.

    • While crime rates are higher in large cities, equipment theft can happen even in the smallest communities. Less than 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered.

    • Insurance rarely reimburses businesses for the full value of their losses, and premiums often go up after a theft.

    • Filing and following up on police reports and insurance claims also takes time away from revenue-generating activities.

Don’t Let Thieves Plant a Foot on Your Property

Criminals can’t steal your business assets if they can’t get to them. That’s why your best protection against theft is a secure perimeter.

AMAROK’s security solutions get to the root of the matter, starting with The Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered electric fence. The Electric Guard Dog stops would-be thieves before they get in and protects your property rain or shine – even during power outages.

    • Set inside your own perimeter fence, our 10-foot-high electrified fence delivers a 7,000-volt shock every 1.3 seconds and simultaneously activates ultra-bright lights and a loud alarm. The warning signs posted every 30 feet are enough to discourage most would-be intruders.

    • For additional layers of perimeter protection, AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE integrates additional LED lights, strategically placed surveillance cameras and 24/7 video monitoring with the Electric Guard Dog fence and alarm. Camera footage is automatically recorded and can be viewed live via our mobile app or remotely by a professional monitoring service.

    • Cover remote areas or those where you store equipment by adding sentinels. Available as stand-alone units or built into the Electric Guard Dog fence, sentinels sound sirens, flood the area with additional LED lights and flash a red and blue light bar if the fence is contacted.

    • Protect equipment and tools stored in buildings with building intrusion detection. AMAROK offers motion, glass break and door alarms, access control with entry and exit logging, surveillance cameras and 24-hour monitoring.

Keep Your Profits Growing With Perimeter Security Solutions From AMAROK

Keeping things green and growing is the focus of your business. That should include your profits, as well. Don’t let theft trim your bottom line. Nip it in the bud with perimeter security solutions from AMAROK.



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“The system is safe, legal and has completely stopped what was a constant theft issue. I recommend this to any business that wants to protect their people, property and assets.”
Dan Inglima, Branch Manager — Highland Tractor Company/John Deere

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