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Nothing Protects Your Commercial Property Like a Solar Electric Fence From AMAROK

Our Solar Electric Fences and Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems—Your First Line of Defense

AMAROK produces perimeter security solutions that protect commercial and industrial properties throughout the United States and Canada. If you store valuable goods outdoors, we keep them safe from theft and vandalism. No one stops crime like we do, period.

Maybe you’ve just had it with commercial crime. AMAROK’s ultimate perimeter security solution instills peace of mind, because our full-perimeter solar electric fence prevents crime from happening in the first place.

More than 98 percent of our customers have experienced zero external theft after we installed The Electric Guard Dog™ Electric Fencing System. We restore a sense of security for good.

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 AMAROK Physical Perimeter Protection
AMAROK Shock Fence Warning
AMAROK Alarm Systems

The Electric Guard Dog™ Solar Electric Fence 

The Electric Guard Dog Solar Electric Fence is an intimidating 10-foot-tall barrier that looms inside an existing perimeter fence. When criminals approach a well-maintained, full-perimeter electric fence with clear warning signs, they move on.


Building the Ultimate Secure Perimeter

Ultimate Perimeter Security begins with The Electric Guard Dog™ Solar Electric Fence. But it doesn't stop there.

Ask about these additional products and services we offer in the areas of Perimeter Protection, Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Lighting.









Stop crime before it happens.

  • The Electric Guard Dog Fence™
  • Portable Electric Fencing
  • Roof Fencing
  • Laydown Fencing
  • Perimeter Detection System
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Day Mode
  • Angle Fencing
  • Vegetation Control Services









Monitor in real time and alert authorities.

  • Cameras
    • Fixed Position
    • Pan-Tilt-Zoom
    • Fisheye
    • Thermal
  • Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Trailers









Track who is coming and going.

  • Gate Access
  • Automatic Arming
  • Building Intrusion









Identify who is approaching perimeter at night.

  • Lot Lighting
  • Defender Light Bars
  • Sentinels