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AMAROK Oil and Gas Security


From the street, it looks like an endless maze of pipes and towers. But criminals see a challenging opportunity to strike it rich. Theft that occurs within the confines of an oil-and-gas refinery opens a bureaucratic bag of grief that is messy to remediate, with lasting repercussions.

AMAROK offers a security solution that can include a 10-foot-high, solar-powered electric fence, 7,000-volt-warning signs, lights, sirens, cameras, perimeter and building intrusion detection—and a host of other enhancements. Stop crime before it occurs, and seal potentially disastrous security leaks.


Oil and Gas Companies: Deter Theft with These Essential Features and Enhancements:

  • The Electric Guard Dog fence is solar-powered, so it is always on even if power goes out.
  • Sentinels direct attention to vulnerable areas of the perimeter most targeted by would-be thieves.
  • FORTIFEYE™ integrates The Electric Guard Dog fence, video surveillance, and video monitoring to create the ultimate crime-prevention solution.



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Industries like yours are at great risk for commercial property theft. Read what steps a leading trucking company's head of security took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing facilities, all while saving on contract security with AMAROK.

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