AMAROK Portable electric Fence
AMAROK Portable electric Fence
AMAROK Portable electric Fence


A Portable Electric Fencing Solution

The Electric Guard Dog™ Solar Fence is proven to stop crime on commercial and industrial properties whose security needs begin at their perimeter—even when those perimeters change or need to move. The Portable Electric Fence solution gives you the option to customize the size, shape, and location of your secured area, for a short period of time or if it requires long-term protection of your assets. 

Take Control of the Size and Area That You Need Secured with the Portable Electric Fence from AMAROK 

If your commercial property or industrial business:

  1. Has an influx of valuable goods to protect;
  2. Requires a temporary voltage gap to secure as you expand your site;
  3. You're a contractor with a vulnerable job site;
  4. Or, you have seasonal inventory that needs to go in an overflow lot

Portable Electric Fencing may be the right security option for your commercial property.

Portable Electric Fence

Portable Electric Fencing secures your property inside a customizable 360-degree temporary perimeter or extends an existing electric fence line across an expanded area.

If your commercial property is growing or your construction site requires additional security to protect valuable equipment and materials, implementing the Portable Electric Fencing is a great perimeter security option until you install or extend your existing Electric Guard Dog Fence

     Features Include:     

AMAROK Warning Sign
  • Alarm panel, keypad, and siren are included to permit controlled access.
  • Powered by batteries and charged by solar panels.
  • Securely mounted in a job box for quick, easy installation.
  • Configured to site specifications (starting at 200 linear feet for six-month duration).
  • Secured with stakes, or sandbags, depending on the terrain.
  • Installation, takedown, service, repair, and alarm monitoring included.
  • Optional security cameras and video monitoring available.