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United Rentals and AMAROK, one of four preferred security vendors, have partnered to protect People, Profits, and Brand. If your site isn’t using AMAROK already to secure your assets, it should be.


Join the growing number of UR Branch Managers who have gained peace of mind.



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Numbers Speak Volumes

Annual cost of UR

break-ins in dollars


UR Branches secured



Branches added

in 2020


Average annual ROI

per branch*


* Average annual ROI in dollars per secured Branch based on loss prevention


AMAROK is the ultimate perimeter security solution. When a criminal walks up to an electric fence, they keep walking. Unlike traditional security methods, which offer a reactive approach, AMAROK’s full-perimeter solar electric fence and surveillance solutions prevent criminals from attempting to enter properties in the first place.

It begins with the solar-powered Electric Guard Dog™ Fence


VISUAL: Warning signs every 30 feet promise a 7,000-volt shock

PHYSICAL: 10-foot-high, electric-wire fence, solar‑powered, 7,000‑volt charge

SHOCK: Non-lethal, but highly-effective 7,000-volt jolt to the intruder

MONITORS & ALARMS: Lights and alarms activate in an attempt to breach the fence

POWER MANAGEMENT: Self-generated power for all AMAROK devices, driven by solar power and 12-volt batteries

SURVEILLANCE: Cameras link to Network Video Recorder and can be monitored 24/7


Building the Ultimate Secure Perimeter Doesn’t Stop There.

AMAROK offers additional products, services, and enhancements that bolster perimeter security.


Stop crime before it happens.

  • The Electric Guard Dog Fence™
  • Perimeter Detection System
  • Portable Electric Fencing
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Day Mode
  • Laydown Fencing
  • Flag fencing
  • Vegitation Control Services
  • Wrought Iron
  • Chain-link Fencing

Monitor in real time and alert authorities.

  • Cameras
  • Fixed Position
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Fisheye
  • Thermal
  • Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Trailers

Track who is coming and going.

  • Gate Access
  • Automatic Arming
  • Building Intrusion

Identify who is approaching perimeter at night.

  • Lot Lighting
  • Defender Light Bars
  • Sentinels

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