AMAROK Remote and Mobile Monitoring
AMAROK Remote and Mobile Monitoring
AMAROK Remote and Mobile Monitoring



You have video surveillance cameras and alarms installed on your property, recording your perimeter and protecting valuable assets 24/7. But at two in the morning, who’s monitoring the activity should your system go into alarm? AMAROK provides monitoring services to respond 24/7/365, so you don’t have to.

Video Surveillance with 24/7/365 Monitoring Services:

All of our Video Surveillance solutions come with monitoring software that allows you to view camera footage in real time from a desk top computer or mobile device. This allows you to instantly verify the presence of a would-be intruder and satisfy police response requirements for dual verification.

But if you don’t have the personnel or desire to take on responding 24/7, we have monitoring solutions that can do this for you. Professionally trained, around-the-clock staff will respond to alarms with protocols you help define should your system go into alarm. Protocols include the dispatching of emergency services if necessary.

AMAROK offers two unique solutions that include monitoring your perimeter 24/7/365—Remote Video Monitoring and Mobile Video Surveillance.

Remote Video Monitoring:

Ensure Prompt Police Response to Intrusion


Camera Monitor

Real-time Remote Video Monitoring by AMAROK is essential in areas where visual alarm verification is needed for prompt police response. Increase the odds of catching criminals in the act of a crime, or even stopping one before it occurs. Alarms trigger live video feeds and automatically record surveillance footage, while professionally-trained monitoring personnel respond using visual confirmation of an attempted breach and notify police.

Our video-management software and analytics also make it easy to review, save, and share footage with law enforcement, helping to ensure you have irrefutable evidence of a crime and increasing the possibility of apprehending thieves at the scene.

    Features Include:    

  • Local network video recorder or server for processing, recording, and streaming footage
  • Cloud-based software for centralized access to camera streams and recorded footage from multiple sites
  • Mobile app for reviewing live cameras or recorded footage while on the go
  • 24/7 Monitoring by AMAROK, to respond and keep you in the loop


Mobile Video Surveillance:

Observe the Obscure Areas of Your Perimeter and Tower Over Would-be Thieves


Mobile Video Surveillance

Criminals continually probe your perimeter for blind spots and vulnerable areas. You can bolster your perimeters and even fortify temporary job sites with Mobile Video Surveillance.

Portable and versatile, AMAROK’s Mobile Video Surveillance solution is solar-powered and trailer-mounted, with cameras that extend from a 22-foot mast and transmit directly to the AMAROK monitoring center. It can be moved anywhere around your property and is easy to integrate with existing security systems. It works in tandem with our Remote Video Monitoring solution, where trained staff will monitor activity 24/7 to further minimize vandalism and theft.

Mobile Video Surveillance also provides live video streaming technology directly to your mobile device, so you have first-hand knowledge of what’s going on, and records all activity for later review by law enforcement. Mobile Video Surveillance pays off in peace of mind because criminals will look for softer targets.

    Features Include:    

  • 2.3-megapixel camera(s) with IR and thermal capabilities
  • Ideal for short-term use
  • No power or communications wiring required
  • Use with other AMAROK deterrents and intrusion detection products