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Safe & Effective Perimeter Security

Our patented design is as safe as it is effective. The perimeter security electric fence issues a pulsating, short-duration shock lasting only 3/10,000ths of a second. It has been independently tested by Dr. John Webster, Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and his team of specialists in pulsed electricity. 



More About Pulsed Electricity

Pulsed Electricity Vs. Continuous or Mains Electricity

Most of us are familiar with mains electricity — best known as the continuous power that comes from our electrical socket. Most standards of safety are set assuming this type of continuous power. The average person is less familiar with the unique properties of pulsed electricity. The closest most of us have come to pulsed electricity is the static discharge from touching a door knob on a dry day, or perhaps a spark plug in a lawn mower or car. While completely harmless, pulsed electricity like this does produce a startling and uncomfortable effect.

The pulsed electricity that powers The Electric Guard Dog shares the same properties. By pulsing the 12-volts continuous current from the battery, we create an extremely short, but memorable pulse. The shortness of the pulse is why it is safe.

International safety standards regulate the combined result of length of pulse and duration of pulse. In fact, The Electric Guard Dog operates well within the safety standards, near the midpoint of the allowable power. Since the prime power source is a 12-volt battery, if the system fails, it will be unable to generate a pulse.

The fast-acting capacitors generate the pulses that are the magic of The Electric Guard Dog. They’re strong enough to deter thieves, economical to generate and safe in the event of inadvertent contact.

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