AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Facilities Security Solution


13.5 Million American Households Rent Self-Storage Units.
90% of Self-Storage Customers Rate Security as ‘Very’ or ‘Extremely’ Important.

When customers rent space at your storage facility, they trust that their belongings will be safe. But 4% of all reported burglaries occur in rental storage facilities – the second most common business location for this type of theft, according to the FBI.

How can you stop your renters from becoming a crime statistic? Your best defense is to stop thieves before they get in.

AMAROK is the leading provider of solar-powered electric fencing and layered security solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Our perimeter protection systems deter and detect intruders at the fence line, stopping crime before it can happen.

Why Criminals Target Self-Storage Facilities:

    • Storage facilities offer multiple opportunities to score high value goods at a single location. In Chicago, a lone burglar hit 43 units in one night and made off with enough loot to fill a 26-foot truck. Thieves in Virginia and Massachusetts were able to burglarize more than 100 units in a single night.

    • Typical chain link perimeter fencing can be easily cut to gain entrance to the premises. Once inside, they may need only a bolt cutter to remove padlocks on individual units.

    • Some self-storage facilities employ security guards to monitor their property. But guards are expensive, and large premises are hard to cover with only one or two people. Experienced thieves may use one gang member to distract a guard, while others are breaking and entering.

    • If they successfully breach a facility, 71% of commercial property thieves will return to burglarize the same business.

    • Burglaries may be reported once by your local newspaper or TV station. But angry tenants can keep bad publicity alive by sharing their stories and writing negative reviews on the internet and social media. How much will that damage to your reputation cost you?

Turn Your Self-Storage Facility into a Security Fortress

When burglars are scoping out potential targets, they’re wary of any measures that will slow or expose their attempts to get in or alert authorities to their activities. AMAROK’s layered security solutions cover all the bases.

    • The Electric Guard Dog™ solar-powered fence, set just inside your own perimeter fencing, is enough to stop most would-be intruders from attempting entry. Standing 10 feet high, the Electric Guard dog delivers 7,000 volts every 1.3 seconds to anyone foolish enough to touch it.

    • Contact with the Electric Guard Dog also triggers bright LED lights and a blaring alarm, adding a further incentive to flee. During normal business hours, when most customers access their storage units, the fence can be set to day mode, which lowers the voltage while still providing protection against illicit entry.

    • For the ultimate in perimeter security, upgrade to AMAROK FORTIFEYE™. In addition to delivering a shock and sounding an audible alarm, attempts to breach the fence cause high-resolution video cameras to pan and zoom in on would-be intruders. Security professionals monitoring the cameras can instantly verify the attempted break-in and dial 911.

    • Additional options include zoned perimeter detection, which alerts you the minute someone touches your outer fence; vegetation control to eliminate brush and shrubs that provide cover for criminals surveilling your facility; and building intrusion detection to shield your on-site structures.


'UNLOCK' the Advantages of AMAROK

Tenants who are looking to store higher value home and business items are willing to pay more for a unit in a facility with top-quality security. If your premises are surrounded by the Electric Guard Dog, a quick drive-by will assure them that your units are better protected than your competitors’ properties. That’s why an investment in AMAROK’s security solutions is an investment in your own bottom line.

Did we mention that our solutions are affordable (up to 90% less than the cost of security guards)? Because we provide security as a service, you never pay upfront for the products or installation, and our monthly fee covers all maintenance and repairs. We even pay to insure you against any liability arising out of contact with our fence.


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