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AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Self Storage Facilities


Most storage units that experience break-ins are difficult to prevent, such as when sophisticated thieves who are part of burglary rings pull up in a large truck or van, park next to a facility’s security fence, cut through the fence to gain access and execute a quick “grab and go” break-in. Thieves can approach and assess the site without  suspicion.

Vulnerable storage units plus high-value assets inside make them attractive to thieves. Here's why:

  • Poor maintenance, lack of security and safety, negligence, and constant break-ins, self-storage companies across the country experience a large amount of theft. 
  • Typical pad locks and chain link perimeter fencing can be easily cut. No technology or specialized skills required.
  • At larger storage unit locations, most of the perimeter is out of sight. Coupled with poor lighting, this allows thieves to breach fencing without being seen.
  • Often doors are left wide open, fences unsecured, and a front gate where you can drive right on through—no security code required, no questions asked.

Stop crime at your Self-Storage facility. PERIOD.

After installation of The Electric Guard Dog™ fence, 98% of all customers experience no external crime. The Electric Guard Dog fence is solar-powered, stands 10 feet high, and looms inside an existing perimeter fence. Clear warning signs alert would-be thieves of an uncomfortable 7,000-volt shock. Bright LED lights and loud, blaring alarms also activate when the fence is climbed, cut, or even touched.

Only AMAROK offers The Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution. Eliminate theft and vandalism with The Electric Guard Dog fence at your Self-Storage facility. 

Self-Storage facilities can benefit from these enhancements:

  • Day Mode, Perimeter Detection, and Vegetation Control are optimal perimeter security enhancements for the Self-Storage Business.

  • 98% of all customers experience no external crime after installation.

  • AMAROK offers other security enhancements, including Video Surveillance and Building Intrusion.

  • For the Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution, talk to us about FORTIFEYE™.



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